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Gina is my partner (in crime?) on this little adventure.  We've known each other for more than 16 years but when I found out she not only scrapbooked, but had her own youtube channel where she posted process videos... you could have knocked me over with a feather.  Now we can't shut up about it.

I've wanted to do a joint project with Gina for a while and we've talk about it both seriously and jokingly for ages.  I bought this new blog space then sat on it for a few weeks unsure whether or not I really wanted to jump into another blog but unwilling to give it up.  So I decided today it would be what I worked on for NSD.  Randomly, I went to see if Gina had been updating her blog today with her NSD projects - no.  So I texted her and said she should move her stuff to my blog and then I could do the blogging for her.  Her response, "I've been typing and deleting that all day. That would be awesome."  And just like that it was done.

Things are just getting started, obviously, but we have fun plans for the future.  And our first official planning meeting?  Las Vegas.  (We were going already.)  11 days and counting...  Ooooh.  I can make a Vegas mini book!

Stay tuned, there's awesomeness ahead.