Gina: I Can See Clearly Now, 12x12 Layout

Can I just share with you how happy I am when I open my email and see a message from Shellie that includes our latest cut file?  I mean, I know they're coming.  We do discuss and plan this stuff ahead of time, but to actually receive it, to watch it cut on the Silhouette, to know that this little business of ours is coming to fruition, well, it's all so damn exciting to me.

This file is no exception.  As soon as I cut it out, I knew exactly what photo I was going to use and exactly what my title was going to be.  In the not to distant past, I found myself in a bit of a depressive funk that I couldn't seem to shake.  There were things going on that contributed to this, but honestly, at the end of the day, depression is just something that I live with.  Sometimes I do well to control it; other times, it takes me down until I can't see a way up.  This last episode was one of the worst I've been through in years, but in the last few months through working with my psychiatrist and my therapist, the awesome support of Stew and Shellie and my family - everything is back under control.

One night, Stew came home from work and he told me that I had to go outside and see the sun.  It had rained all day so the fact that there was sun out at all surprised me.  When I looked outside, the storm clouds were receding and just these small slivers of sunlight were tapping on the top of the trees.  I swear to you I had a Bob Ross moment thinking about those happy little trees.  The leaves that were once curled in due to the rain now opening up to soak up the rays. 

It kind of made me feel like what I had been going through.  The sun was finally shining again.  I grabbed my camera and took more pictures of this than I would like to admit and I knew that I would use the photo on a layout to talk about this journey that I'm on.

I've actually made this layout twice.  The first one was ruined when I knocked over a bottle of water, but, all things happen for a reason.  I'm much happier with this one.

I took some simple kitchen aluminum foil and scrunched it up to give it some texture and then I had fun adding color to it using alcohol inks.  I'm sure there's a ton I need to learn about alcohol inks, but they've been sitting my stash for awhile and I wanted to use them.  I love how this background turned out and will definitely be doing this again.

After that, I adhered the umbrellas, but thought that the white diecut got lost, so I colored it yellow using a large Pitt pen.  I liked that better.  Then, it dawned on me that most umbrellas are not transparent, so the background poking through really didn't make a lot of sense.  I pulled out some acrylic paint and painted the panels of the umbrellas.  I really like how the paint picked up some of the tint from the alcohol ink underneath which gave it a pink hue instead of just the flat white.

The picture cluster is pretty small and the embellishments minimal because: 1. There is a lot going on in the background of this layout and 2. I wanted the title to be the focus of this page.

The journaling will go on a separate page because it's personal and long.

I very much enjoyed using this cut file and hope that you will head over to the store and pick it up for your own use.  If you use it, we'd love to see how you use it, so please share.

Until next time, peace and well wishes, Gina

Shellie: Boots 12 x 12 Layout

I've always wanted a pair of rain boots and I've never had any.  I see them in their cute little designs and I want them... then I look at the price and my cheap cheap heart goes... no way! 

So I haven't made it home with rain boots of my own to date. 

But this little girl has had 3 pair that I know of in her young life.  And they're so. freaking. cute.  I mean seriously, one pair was pink and flashed crazy lights when you walked.  But I think these yellow ones are my favorites so far. 

When I cut out this umbrella cut file I remembered the pictures I took of these super cute rain boots and decided I wanted to try and find a way to use them in this layout.  She never stands still so the pictures were all over the place and there were so many.  I had narrowed it down to five but eventually (after much back and forth and back and forth...) settled on these three. 

I pulled out my beloved box o' Felicity Jane papers and embellishments and went to town.  Not all of these embellishments are from my FJ kits but most are. I keep all of the kits in a single box together because one of my favorite thing about them is they pretty much ALL MATCH.  And they're all "my colors" so that's super handy. 

  • The doily, puffy alphas, sequins and all of the papers backing the umbrellas are from FJ.
  • My background paper is from the FJ Note to Self Kit and that yellow strip of hearts at the bottom is actually the back of the branding strip.  It matched so perfectly I couldn't bring myself to cut it off.
  • The journaling circle is from Ali Edwards - WITL 2015 I think.
  • The flair came from Joann in a set. (I love flair.  It never gets old to me.)
  • The quote came from a 12 x 12 paper by Echo Park Paper called Border Strips from the Splendid Sunshine line by Alisha Gordon. 

I did film the making of this layout and hopefully I can figure out the editing portion of the video scenario soon and can post them online. 

I used the newest cut file in our shop, a grouping of umbrellas.  If you like it, please head on over to the shop (link at the top) and grab it.

Talk to you soon!


Shop Update - New Cut File

Hi there!

Just wanted to pop in to let you know that we've added a new cut file set to the RED shop (and etsy store, if you prefer).  This cut file set was inspired by a place that Gina and I visited on our trip to Vegas last year.

In the Encore (Resort and Casino) there is a pair of bars called, Parasols Up and Parasols Down.  One is on the second floor, directly above the other on the first.  Above both are these huge "parasols" that are beautiful and that slowly move up and down.  It's a really lovely spot.

Here are some of the giant parasols going up and down...

I love umbrellas.  It's odd, I know.  I have the most awesome umbrella right now that I got at Disney World last year that has lace and Minnie Mouse on it.  It's so awesome.

Anyway, this cut file set as 6 files in 4 formats each - svg, dxf, jpeg and png.  So you should be able to use them in whatever way you choose, cut files, digital art... you name it.

There are single umbrellas - outlines and solid and one big grouping. 

You can find this set here in our shop (see the menu above) or if you prefer to use Etsy, they are in our shop there as well.

Please, if you use them, we'd love to see your work and possibly feature it on the blog or social media.

PS - we've had our first sale!  How exciting.  *does happy dance*  Okay, I'm calm now.


Shellie: Digital Scrapbook layout using One Little Bird Milestones

This is another layout I did for the One Little Bird creative team guest spot this month.  I chose the Milestones kit because I thought it would be a great kit to use now and also again and again with my new little nieces.  Currently I have an almost 2 and also an almost 1 year old.  Their birthdays are both in July.  I also have a 3rd new niece that will be arriving in September and it's been such a blessing having the little burst of baby girls in our family. 

I also have a niece and nephew who are teenagers and this isn't to detract from them.  They are awesome and I love them very much.  But it's such a new burst of baby love in our family and it's just so amazing.  You don't really know what you've been missing until you have it and it's such a treasure.  The little hands and feet and perfect little faces.  It doesn't look like I'll be having any of my own as I'm still single and my time is running out, so I'm so pleased to get to experience these little ones in my family.  (And hey, I don't have to do the dirty diapers!)

This is KK.  Her mother rides horses and they own a few so she's been around them since she was born.  This isn't the first picture of her on one but this is the first where she's really sitting up there on her own like a big girl.  The sky was so beautiful and she was so beautiful and it was just the best photo. 

I wanted to carry through the sunshine with the yellow and the feel of being outdoors with the blowing leaves.  The journaling is a bit stream of consciousness but from the heart.  I do love this sweet girl.

You can find the One Little Bird Milestones kit in her store on The Lily Pad web site.

Happy Monday and I hope you all have a great week!











Shellie: 12 x 12 Digital Scrapbook Layout using One Little Bird's #Hangry


I've mentioned previously that I am one of the guest digital creative team members for One Little Bird during the month of May.  One of her new releases were a set of digital brush stamps and journaling cards called #hangry.  These were actually released in physical form in the Kelly Purkey shop a while back and sold out very quickly.  So this month Peppermint released them in digital format in her shop on The Lily Pad store.

These really excited me because right away I spotted a stamp that hit near and dear to my heart.  Or I guess it hit below my heart right in the area of my stomach!  There was a stamp that said Burger Addict.  Um... yes please.  Me!  *raises hand*


This photo was taken on our last night in Las Vegas.  I can't believe it's been a year since we returned from our Vegas trip.  What fun.  I loved that trip.  It felt like a grown up vacation and I haven't had many of those yet. 

This layout was fun to make and there were so many items to use in these kits that coordinate so well together that it was actually hard holding myself back.  I had to delete a few things when I was done because they were just too much.

Besides the #Hangry stamps ( I used it that awesome burger addict stamp to create the piece of flair shown in the layout above) and Journaling cards, I also used items from her Nosh kit and also Prix Fixe kit.  I also used one of her sketch/templates called Flight Plan 28.

I posted this layout on instagram a few days ago and needed to catch up here as well.

Hope you are well and that this burger didn't make you too hungry.  Sorry.


Gina: 12x12 Layout: Momma and Me

There are so many things I hate about social media.  Now, I know, hate is a strong word, but, seriously, there's a lot I hate.  There are also things to love, like the ability to share in the special moments that family members share.  (I also love it because it gives me the opportunity to interact with so many completely rad people in the crafting word!!)

This particular picture my sister-in-law shared and I just love it.  It shows Meli exactly as I see her.  She's so stylish and, as her son would say, "chic."  She's European - haha - she can't help it.  And the sweet little smile on my niece's face.  I just adore this picture.

(At the moment, the title on the photo is wrong - I forgot to update that.  I'm traveling right now, but I will get that fixed as soon as I get home.  I just didn't want to wait to get this project posted.)

I used the January Scraps of Darkness kit for this layout.  The lace included was gorgeous and since both of these ladies are gorgeous, I wanted to use the lace in a very predominant way on the layout.  So I used it in three columns down the page and, of course, this layout needed flowers - lots and lots of flowers.  I'm glad the add on to my kit allows me to buy all of these flowers.  I'm loving using them lately, which is funny considering when everyone was buying the Prima flowers in every color under the sun and had huge bottles of the things on their storage shelves, I didn't want anything to do with anything floral.  My, how times change.  I used some older embellishments on this layout, as well.  Some resin flowers and those small acrylic hearts that came in a Scraptastic kit (I think) eons ago.

I titled the layout "Momma and Me" because that's what my niece calls her.  I think it's great and wanted to preserve that memory.

As always, detailed pictures below if you're interested in some close ups and the video is there, as well, if you want to see the layout come together.

Thanks for looking.  Peace and good thoughts to you.

Until next time, Gina

Our New Shop launch and first item! So excited!

We are so excited to have our first item in the shop.  Gina and I have talked forever about whether or not we wanted our own place to sell the designs that we create.  We agreed that we do, so then we've talked a million times about what we want to include.

We both agree that we don't want to just toss crap online just to try and make money.  We want to sell only the products that we use ourselves and are the best that we can make them.  We hope in time that you'll agree.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be growing our items for sale.  We have ideas about where this will go, but of course anything is possible. 

We've also decided to have both a shop here and an Etsy shop, at least in the beginning.  Not everyone has been to our site or even knows it exists so the Etsy store made sense.  In time there will probably be content that is exclusive to the shop on this site though.  The details have yet to be hashed out there so we are going to just play it by ear.

Our first product is a set of cut files called Fly.  I've wanted to make a hot air balloon layout for awhile.  I just love them and when I saw the pretty diamond patterned paper in my February Felicity Jane kit I knew it would be perfect. 

This kit includes the original hot air balloon file with the title attached as the feature but also includes the set without the title - not everyone wants to use that one word in their layouts, I get that.  It also includes a single balloon, the word Fly by itself and also the templates to cut out the filler or background balloon shapes if you want to back them as I did in my layout.

I've included the files in SVG, DXF, JPEG formats and decided to include them in PNG as well so they could be used for digital layouts as well.

You can find the set on our shop here at the link above and on our Etsy shop.

Our Etsy shop:

If you do purchase and use these files, please show us what you've made with them.  We'd love to show your work here on the site or on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  We don't have a creative team or anything (not necessary with only one product!) so we'd love to see how other use our stuff.

Thanks for your support!  Please don't hesitate to contact one of us with any questions.

Shellie: "Fly" a 12 x 12 layout from Shellie and exciting news


I'm super excited about this post and the coming weekend.  First it's National Scrapbook Day and I plan to spend as much of it as possible scrapping like mad. 

Second, I have one of my favorite layouts to share with you today.

And finally, the creation of this layout, led to the creation of our very first product for sale and the launch of our online shop!

When I set out to make this layout I wasn't actually trying to create a cut file to sell.  I just wanted to make a beautiful page filled with hot air balloons that I'd been envisioning ever since I saw the diamond print paper that came with the Tuesday kit (February) from Felicity Jane.  It NEEDED to be hot air balloons. 

So I sat down at my computer and a bit later I said to myself... this is it!  This is going to be the first product!  We'd been striving for a while to decide on just where to start and it sort of happened on it's own.  I guess that's just the way it goes.

When I saw the balloons on screen and pictured them filled in with the pretty geometric backgrounds I could picture the photos I wanted to use in my mind.  I remembered a few weeks before when my mother and I were playing with my niece KK and a container of bubbles.  She loved them and kept holding her hands up to try and pop them.  I knew I wanted to use one of those photos and I thought she was wearing pink so it could work.

Once I found them (it took longer than it should have) I couldn't decide which photo to use and decided I wanted to use more than one.  The more I considered I eventually decided to experiment a little with the photos and my silhouette (oh, May challenge anyone??) and cut out the pictures of KK in silhouette (too many silhouettes!)

Once I backed the balloons with the paper and had KK cut out, I added a smaller cut of just the title Fly on top of the first.  It still needed something else and so... of course, out came the dots, sequins and gems. 

I really love the end result and the fun set of 5 cut files that came from it.

The background paper is also from one of my Felicity Jane kits.

This weekend we will be opening our online store (both on this web site and on etsy for the time being).  This hot air balloon cut file will be our first product.  It will come in a set with 5 files.  Look for the official shop announement and details about the cut files on the blog.

Thanks and happy scrapping!


Gina: 12x12 Layout: Happy In Love


Another photo from the pile of printed photos "to be scrapped" and another using the Scraps of Darkness January kit.  This was my first time using these Bo Bunny foil transfers.  They are the gold stars and the "together forever" phrase that appear on the page.  I must say at first, I wasn't a fan.  They are more delicate than rub ons if you can believe that, but by the end of the layout, I really enjoyed using them.  Afterall, foil is all the rage these days and these rub ons give you the opportunity to get the look without shelling out the money to buy the machine to do it.  Though, in all honesty, Shell owns the machine and she loves it.  So if you love foiling as much as she does, that may be a worthy investment for you.  For me, I don't see a lot of foil use in my future, so that's one machine I haven't bought.  I feel like I should say yet after that sentence, but I'm not going to.  I'm staying strong.  I don't have to have every machine that is ever put out.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.

The small dark and light purple flowers scattered around the two main embellishment clusters actually came from a hair tie.  


I purchased these many, many years ago when I first started scrapbooking.  I was looking for inexpensive ways to embellish my pages and I thought that the flowers on these hair ties would be perfect.  I put them in a vase then and they've looked very pretty sitting on my shelf, that is, until today.  I pulled them out and used them and I love the way that they pull this layout together.   Since re-organizing my room, it's been so much easier to find things I want to use on my layouts.  I'm loving it and I'm thoroughly enjoying getting use out of things I bought so long ago.  It feels nice to get these things put down on paper.  The white flowers are ones I bought from the floral department and the two pinkish flowers are from Prima.

The hardest part about this layout was that bow in the lower right.  I can't tie a bow to save my life.  So, over to YouTube I went only to find a tutorial using a Bowdabra and remembering that I own one of those.  Not only do I own it, I even knew where it was.  That was a proud moment right there, let me just tell you.  With that handy little device, the bow was made.  It's not perfect, but it will do!

One other thing I've found while making this layout is that it doesn't matter how many supplies you have in your scraproom, you will never have that one supply you are looking for.  I mean, seriously, how do I not own crinkle seam binding?  I still can't believe that!  Just goes to show...I don't own everything, regardless of what Stew may think!

This photo of my brother and sister-in-law was taken on mine and Stew's fifth wedding anniversary, which was ohhh, umm, four years ago.  It's so good to not only have the photo, but to actually remember the occasion.  

We were notified that morning that my father had passed.  The news of his death didn't shock me; he had been declining for several months, but what did shock me was my reaction.  I hadn't talked to the man in twenty years, yet I was profoundly affected by his passing.  I don't miss him.  I never have.  Not when he walked out of my life when I was twelve and not since his death.  Not once do I think about him and wish for his presence, but that day, the feelings that washed over me didn't make sense.  I was devastated.  After I had time to process those feelings, it was more the loss of an ideal than the loss of him.  My dad had died many years before.  My grandfather was that person for me, not the person who fathered me.  Dad versus father - there's a difference.

None of that has to do with this photo, not directly anyway.  The loss I was feeling prompted an unplanned day with family.  I wanted to be close to them.  We headed down to my brothers, we ate steamed crabs and we didn't reminisce.  We hardly said two words about the man who is listed as father on our birth certificate and honestly, that's the way it was supposed to be.  He was never there for us, but we've always been there for each other, or at least we have tried our best to be and when I look at this photo of my brother and his wife, I'm reminded of that.  I'm reminded of the deep bonds we share and I'm even more reminded that there is a difference between a father and a dad.  The man you see in this photo is both and I'm damn proud of him for that.   

I don't know where that tangent came from, but when I share information about my layouts, I really try to express not only my thoughts about the mechanics of putting the layout together, but the memories and the feelings that are encapsulated within that 12x12 space.  It's what this hobby is all about.  It's not about pretty paper and the latest embellishments (but don't we all love that), it's about taking a moment in time, a fleeting instant, and giving it all of the love that it deserves.  Scrapbooking is a journey for me.  The multitude of pictures allow me to relive the numerous occassions when I've laughed, when I've cried, when I've been worried and when I've been so proud.  I'm so happy for this hobby and I'm so happy that I get to share all of this with all of you.

If you'd like to see how this layout came together, please take a few minutes, to check out the process video below.


Until next time, Gina

Shellie: Selah / Happy Place - 12 x 12 Layout - Felicity Jane Kit

I haven't done many actual 12x12 paper layouts.  I don't have anything against them, I just always did another type of project or I did them digitally.  I think that officially this makes number 4 or 5.  Seriously.  But I decided I wanted to make an actual 12 x 12 paper page using my Felicity Jane kits and looked up and saw this black and white photo of my niece clipped to something on my desk and it was a done deal.  I knew the black and white photo would go well with the colors in the FJ kit as they all have a black and white base.

In the end I decided to go mostly with pieces from the February kit.  I didn't plan on it having only two other colors besides the black and white - teal and gold - but that's just how it turned out.  It's simple but sweet.  I keep thinking I should have added some paint splatters or something but I'm holding off for now and just letting it be.

The teal chipboard hearts actually came from an Ali Edwards kit but they matched so perfectly and I decided to see if I could color block the bottom of them in gold like the letters were and used a gold Sharpie.  It totally worked. 

At the last minute I decided to add the strip of black lace along the bottom with my sewing machine and I adore it so much I did it again on my next layout which will be on the blog later in the week.

I didn't video making this one, but I'm testing the waters of recording process videos and hope to have some up soon.

Back soon!