Gina: Bird Watching - Scrapbook Layout with Process Video

Holy Heck! It’s May 25th Where has the year gone? Where has the month of May gone? The last time I sat at my scrap desk was for National Scrapbooking Day. I marked the whole day off on my calendar and was determined to spend the day scrapping. It didn’t quite work out the way that I wanted it to, but I did manage to get two pages done and at the rate I’ve been scrapping lately, that’s a darn miracle, but we all know how it is when you don’t scrap for a long time – that first page back, it takes forever and you’re constantly questioning everything you’re doing. That’s the long and short of this page here. I went through all of my 2014 pictures the morning of National Scrapbooking Day and chose all of those I wanted to scrap and then I started printing them. IMG_0901

Stew and I started 2014 in a condo on the beach in Delaware and New Year’s Day found us exploring the local National Wildlife Refuge. During our walk through the woods, we saw a number of birds. None stood out more than this lovely cardinal that you can see in the picture on the right and I got quite the surprise when I was able to finally see the Baltimore Oriole (the real one, not that one that dancing on dugouts during baseball games). For years, I had been misidentifying robins as orioles. Not anymore. One glance at the real thing and it’s easy to tell exactly what it is.


I relied heavily on the Scraptastic Darlene (May 2015) kit for this layout – it had a number of bird and nature themed pieces, including that feather paper I used to cut out the three circles. The bird chipboard came from the Simple Stories I Am collection and the bird music paper is from Glitz. All of the supplies are listed below and you can check out the process video to hear me talk about how this layout came together.

I hope you guys enjoy – and I’ll see you next time!

Date: January 4, 2014 Date Created: May 2, 2015 Time to Create: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Supplies Used

Paper Pink Cardstock, Scraptastic Kit, April 2015, Darlene, Kit/Add On Black Mulberry Paper, The Paper Studio Green/Teal Polka Dot: Simple Stories, I Am, Courageous Feather, Scraptastic Kit, April 2015, Darlene, Kit/Add On Bird Paper and Blue/Light Blue Design Paper, Glitz, Paper Layers, Vintage Blue

Color/Medium Distress Ink, Black Soot Zig, Millennium, MS-01, Pure Black

Alphabets Elle's Studio, Letters and Numbers, Mint

Embellishments Green Flower: Pebbles, Jen Hadfield, Homemade, Adhesive Backed Flower Gold Chevron Arrow Rub On: Pebbles, Jen Hadfield, Homemade, Rub-On Transparencies Floral, Arrows, Hearts, Bird Chipboard: Simple Stories, I Am, Chipboard Stickers Flower Die Cut, Prima Watching Tag, Spreading My Wings Banner, Gold Star/Pink Stripes Die Cut, Simple Stories, I Am, Bits and Pieces, Cardstock Shapes