Hello from Maryland!

Hey Guys! Welcome to my new home. Shellie and I have been talking about doing some kind of joint project together for a long time.  Not too long ago, she was working on this brand new website and she said to me, “You should just send me your stuff and I’ll post it.” Well, you’ll find soon enough that she and I share a brain because I had been thinking the same exact thing most of that day…and alas, here we are. We’re still working out the details of things – more like, Shellie is – believe me, she’s the web designer and she’s also in major planning mode about what we want this site to be. We were supposed to talk through these things when we visited Vegas, but, ummm, we had more important things we were doing…

regina and heff

Anyway, that’s the short version of how I came to be over here and check out that website name – Remember Every Day - all Shellie’s idea and such a perfect title for what it is we are about. We do so much living in the course of 24 hours and so many little things happen that make us who we are, but when we look back, we barely recognize those moments. The big moments stand out, but those little ones, that ones that are constantly changing us, those are harder to remember and that’s what my main focus is. Sure, I scrapbook the big events, but it’s those little ones that are near and dear to me – the ones that I look back on and think, ‘Wow, that was an awesome day.’ So, I create pocket pages to Remember Every Day, but I don’t shy away from putting those memories front and center on a 12x12 layout either. It’s all about how I’m feeling in that moment.

I haven’t been scrapping as much as I would like lately, but I’m hoping with the launch of this site and with some of the ideas Shellie is coming up with for projects, I’ll once again be living in my scrap room.

I’m excited for this adventure and I hope that you’ll join Shellie and me on what promises to be an awesome ride!