New beginnings...


Hi, I'm Shellie - half of the duo starting this new adventure in sharing my love for documenting life's magic moments as well as the magic in the everyday.  I'm single and childless so I have to look at documenting from a different angle than some, though I'm excited to see how many people like me there are in the scrapbooking world these days. I have a passionate love affair with scrapbooking supplies.  It's unhealthy and if I were to allow it, could be financially debilitating.  LOLThe problem with this addiction is that... I don't really make scrapbook pages.  I'm pretty sure that in my entire life I've made a grand total of 2 actual 12 x 12 layouts with paper and glue and... stuff.  I love them, I pin them, I WANT to make them but... I rarely do.  In fact, for a few years, I actually had to ban myself from going down the paper craft aisles at the craft store because I'd bought so many supplies to "make cards" and never made more than a few.  My ban lasted only a few years.

Thank goodness for the invention of Project Life.  Pocket scrapbooking is way more my style.  And mini-books... those I love and I actually make.  I was free!!  Free to shop and buy and... you get my drift.  Then I discovered digital and fell into a whole plethora of other issues that I won't go into now.


We're back!