We're back!


We are back from Vegas.  Sadly, we were too busy having fun (or recovering from our fun) to have our "meeting".  So this is how our meeting went:

"Send me your stuff."

"I will.  It's almost ready."

Meeting adjourned.

Haha.  I don't know about Gina, but I took about 930 pictures.  Not all of them are great but I definitely have enough to make fun stuff with.  I was planning to make a mini-album but it's probably going to end up more of a mega album, like my New York one, or possibly even an album all it's own.

I'm excited for all the projects I can make with these.

This experience has also really made me want to get a new camera.  Currently I take 99% of my photos on my iphone.  So I've added "new camera" to my things to buy in the near future list.  It's a long list.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say we were back and say that I'm excited to start getting things posted to this new blog now that our Girl's Only (Long) Weekend trip to Vegas is done.

See you soon!