Back in action!

Hooray! Somebody is back online! Me! About a month ago I did a little spur of the moment pack up and move into my own place adventure that I hadn't really been expecting.  Nothing bad happened to instigate the move, just a place opened up that was in the right location and at the right price.

So I jumped on it.  And now I have SPACE!!!  I'm so excited to have my own craft space again.  However.  It took me until today to get the finishing touch - internet access.  Real live internet access that's high speed and not limited to 10GB a month to share with my family.  (OH the joys of living far away from town. Not.)

But today (because there is awesomeness in the world that shall remain nameless) I finally got myself reattached to the rest of the world and if you couldn't tell... I'm pretty darn excited.

So.  Expect regular updates to the blog to happen again and new and exciting things to start showing up here at the site.

Done babbling for now.