Our first monthly challenges are here! September 2015

Gina and I have decided to challenge ourselves monthly and are going to post those challenges and the results here on the blog. Currently the plan is to have one Challenge that is recurring and a new one to push us to expand our horizons so to speak each month.

RED Recurring Monthly Challenge:  Cameo Silhouette (etc) - both of us have Cameo Silhouette machines and never use them to their potential.  So every month this will be a challenge for us.  Make a project (of any kind) using the Cameo.  (I'm not even looking at the new Curio machine.  I can't be distracted by the new and shiny features!)

RED September Challenge: Sewing - We aren't trying to make these difficult.  Because they shouldn't be a burden.  Just a prompt to do something we want to do but never try.

So... those are the challenges for September.  Anyone who wants to join us for this month's challenges feel free.  And let me know you've done it so I can post your pics.

We can tag our projects on instagram with #REDSeptemberChallenge