Shellie: Fall Color Inspiration

This weekend I was working on some things for November for the web site and wanted some fall color inspiration and turned to our trusted friend and enabler of all things, Pinterest.

As I'm sure you know, fall in Florida isn't the same as it is for many of you.  Fall here is basically like summer lite.  A few trees will change, the highs are in the mid 80s instead of the mid 90s.  When you open the door and it's cool in the mornings we get all excited. LOL

The weather doesn't really get "cooler" here until about the 3rd week of October and still... cooler for US is not the same as for everyone else.  I've worn my capri pants on Thanksgiving day on many an occasion.

So unless we're on vacation, fall foliage thing isn't a wonder that we get to experience first hand.  Sadly.  Maybe next year I will plan a trip so I can see some of the beautiful leaves.

But Pinterest was full of inspiration so I thought I'd share the pretty.  I have made a new board if you are looking for fall color inspiration.  Enjoy.