Shellie: October challenge #1 - Cameo silhouette

I love all of the super cute paperclip clippies that I see in planner photos on Instagram all the time.  I bought a few of the embroidered felt ones from shiningstarboutique on etsy and I love them.  I wanted to make something Halloween themed for this month’s project so I decided to one of my bajillion silhouette design store purchases to make a clip of my own. 

I picked out 3 options.  A ghost, the skull and cross bones and a printable.  I did my print and my cuts and knew right away I didn’t like the printable and the ghost was too big.  So for the clip, I moved forward with the skull and cross bones.  It has a 3-D element which I like.  I also made him double sided.  He was perfectly symmetrical so it didn’t make sense to not have the back look the same.  I did my gluing and assembled the kit.  I did decide to not adhere the bottom two sets of bones so that they could part and let my pages slip between when it was on the page. 

I went ahead and assembled the ghost as well and glued the top have together to make a slip on bookmark without the paperclip.  He works pretty well and I would use him in a book, but I’m not sure I’d use him in something that I’m going to be carrying all over the place for fear that he’d fly away somewhere unexpected.

I’ve been using my skull and cross bones at work on my planner there.  He works great!