Shellie: September Challenge SEW

For my September sewing challenge I decided to make up some cute flags or banners for my planner.  With October coming, I wanted to try and use up the cute paper pad I bought last year and barely touched.  (Warning, I use the word "cute" way too many times in this post.)

I picked out a few of my favorite papers and using scissors or punches, cut out my flag and banner shapes.

Then I pulled out my sewing ribbon and lace stash and picked out some black lace and this black trim with gold studs to add to the flags.

I also used some edging scissors that look like roughly torn paper to make the edges on a couple of them not so neat.

I stacked smaller tags on top of larger ones and stitched them down and stitched down the lace.  I didn't sew the trim on but used glue on that one instead but I had already stitched on the flags.

I could have made a million of these, they were so fun and cute.  But I know that I can only use so many in the month of October so I'll have to continue to find other ways to use up my Halloween themed paper.

So there you have my first challenge project for September.