Gina - November Cut Challenge - A Moment to Cherish

I think the best thing about using the Silhouette store is the ability you have to find a phrase that perfectly fits a photo or a memory that you have and that is certainly the case with the layout and die cut shape I picked for this month’s challenge.

Stew and I headed south Labor Day weekend like we do every year to visit my brother Shawn and his family.  One of the greatest treasures of my life (and if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you already know this) is the relationships I have with my nieces and nephews.  This niece in particular is pretty much my mini me – though, thankfully for her, she gets her fashion sense from her mother! 

I was over-joyed to learn that she has begun to keep a journal.  I very much want to cultivate this joy for journaling and this habit for her because I think it will be a wonderful thing to look back on over the years and discover how she’s moved from who she is now at seven to the adult that she will become. 

Before bed on this particular evening – and honestly, I can’t believe I’m sharing this picture considering that I’m in my pajamas and glasses and the face has been washed clean – she and I sat down in bed to capture the moments of the day.

She wanted to journal about the events that occurred on Tuesday when she met her friend’s mother for the first time because, and I’m quoting here, “nothing special happened today.”  With me sitting next to her, she says this – thanks, Kid! 

Since the layout is all about us girls, I took this opportunity to use supplies that I don’t pull out often.  I had bling, and pearls and flowers and the list of girlie things goes on and on.  Even still, from that stash, I only ended up using a few pieces of bling and the flowers and butterfly from Prima. 

I started this layout using a sketch from   If you haven’t seen Gretchen’s work, I highly recommend that you get over there and check it out.  She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.  You can see the sketch and her layout here.  Using a sketch was a great way to quickly figure out what has been troubling me in my scrapbooking lately – it’s all about the layering of those papers.  Somehow I’ve forgotten how to do that and it’s creating much frustration.  The more I do it, the better it will become again, but like with everything else in life, if you don’t use it you lose it – let’s not talk about my math skills, okay?  I’ll be practicing that in my next couple of layouts, but in the meantime, using the sketch as a starting point did make jumping in easier.  I quickly veered away, but came back again when it was time to add the cluster in the upper left.  What a novel thought, that I don’t have to have every element on my page touching.  Ahhh, how freeing. 

In the end, this may be the happiest I’ve been with a layout in some time, so thank you Gretchen!  Believe me, I’ll be coming back for some more sketch inspiration very soon.

Unfortunately, there will be no process video for this layout.  I made the video, but when I uploaded it, I sounded like a chipmunk - of the Alvin variety.  I have no idea what sound a real chipmuck makes.  The raw files for this one are gone - so we'll have to admire just from the stills.  Hope you still enjoy and I'll be back later with process videos coming your way.

Until next time, Gina