Gina: October Challenge #1 TV Show - "Surprise Favorite"

Shellie picking television as the theme for this month’s second challenge was a bit overwhelming.  You see, I watch entirely too much tv, so deciding what I was going to scrap for this was certainly a challenge.  I surely didn’t want to make a list of all of the television shows I watch, because I just can’t even admit that to myself (by the way: Code Black – new favorite!).

So I decided to talk about a show that we recently stumbled upon and once we did, we binge watched until we had caught up – just in time for them to end the series.  I’m like the kiss of death to new tv shows – if I like it, it’ll for sure be cancelled.  Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Code Black up there in case the tv Gods are listening.

Stew and I were bored one night, I mean, come on, summer tv…blah, so we were searching through Amazon trying to find something to watch because goodness forbid we actually do something.  HA!  We decided to start watching this show called Strike Back.  I’d never heard of it, but after reading the description, watching the preview, and knowing how much I loved The Unit, this seemed right up my alley.  It was awesome!  So, that’s what I’ve scrapped for this month’s challenge.

Have you ever had an idea for a layout so clear in your head, but when you sit down to actually scrap it, you don’t know what happens?  That’s what occurred with this layout.  In the end, I have to be honest, it’s not one of my favorites.  I wanted gritty and messy, but I think what came to life on paper is tortured and overdone – but you know, it’s in the book and it captures like a week and a half of our life, so it’s important.  I’m serious, except for work, all we did was watch this show!

I’m glad this challenge is over and I’m looking forward to next month’s challenges.  Hopefully, one day soon, scrapping won’t be as frustrating as it has been recently.  I think I just need to do it more, ya know….

If you’d like to watch me put this layout together, as always, you can follow the link below to my YouTube channel…

Until next time, Gina