Gina - October Cut Challenge "Always By My Side"

The cut file I used for this month’s challenge, I bought a long, long time ago, but I always intended to use it with a picture of Stew’s mom and dad.  They’re bird watchers and mom loves owls, so this silhouette file was just perfect for them.  When their 46th wedding anniversary came around this year, dad posted this picture of them from their wedding on Facebook, as he does every year.  I just knew that this was the perfect opportunity to meld that photo and this die cut together.

I always print my die cuts on American Crafts white cardstock.  It’s the best I’ve found for cutting and it accepts colors pretty well.  I thought at first that I’d color the die cuts with gelatos, but decided spraying them with mist would be easier – or so I thought.  Most of the mists I pulled out to use on this layout are clogged.  I’m going to have to do something about that – what that is, I haven’t a clue, other than I think this is a sign that I need to use my supplies more.

I wanted the layout to be black, white and red – a combination that is one of my favorites and I think is perfect for wedding layouts.  I decided to spray the tree with silver from Mr. Hueys, the hearts with a red from Heidi Swapp and the owls black, also from Heidi Swapp.

Then the struggle began.  I wasn’t sure where to place anything on this layout.  But after moving things around and fiddling with it some more and leaving it to go watch some tv – I came back to it and realized that the major problem I was having was the longest branch on the tree was going the wrong way.  Flipped that over, sprayed the other side, and finally, I settled on a layout that I was happy with.  The thing I think I love the most about this layout, other than the cute as heck picture, is the hearts I put on the owls.  I just think with the way they are looking at each other and the way Mom and Dad are looking at each other in the photo, the love is so evident – it’s perfect.

I’m super happy that this photo is now a permanent part of my scrapbook, since really, this moment truly captures the very, very beginning of Stew and my story. 

If you’d like to watch me put this layout together, as always, you can follow the link below to my YouTube channel…

Until next time, Gina