November Challenges - Oops. I'm late

So obviously it's November 15th and I didn't put up the November challenges on the first like I should have.

I've been sick and lazy and confused and that, my friends, is a lethal combination.  But I've doing a lot of soul searching about the blog and my creative projects and where I want them to to and what I want them to grow into.  I sometimes get caught up in things I think are neat, or in the idea that because I can make something myself that I have to. 

But I think we have a clear direction for what we want this creative space to become moving forward and I for one am excited.

That being said, here are the November Challenges.

Silhouette Challenge - use the amazing silhouette (or Cricut) to create any project.  This is our monthly recurring challenge.

Creative Challenge - food.  Yep.  easy as pie.  (ha)

If you decide to join in, let us know so we can share your challenge results at well.

Happy November!

Gina: October Challenge #1 TV Show - "Surprise Favorite"

Gina: October Challenge #1 TV Show - "Surprise Favorite"

Shellie: October challenge #1 - Cameo silhouette