Shellie - November Challenge "Food" - Las Vegas Eats

For my November challenge (food) I decided to use the photos we took of what we ate when Gina and I went to Vegas in May.  On our trips we try to take a picture of all of our meals, whether it's a donut or somewhere fancy.  We did the same on our Disney trip in July.  I think that the only meal we didn't take a picture of was the buffet brunch we had at the Wynn. 
The dining tables and the buffet were so seperate that it didn't occur to us I guess.  I do have some pictures of the flowers they had but none of my food or the buffet tables. 

These pictures are almost in order of consumption except I wanted the "feature" picture to be my favorite meal.  Technically photos 2 and 3 on the bottom row would be reversed it I had these completely chronological.

During the Black Friday sale at The Lily Pad digital store I bought a set of what in my head where page templates.  I loved this layout above and the others are simple and minimalist and I just liked them.  If I'd been paying attention I would have seen that these are not template but pre-designed pages.  The only parts on the original layout I could actually edit was the journaling.  I could insert my photos, change the copy and that's it.  But I didn't want to use the embellishments she'd used on this particular layout because they didn't coordinate with my topic.  Fortunately I was able to remove them using photoshop but that means the other layouts that came in the set are going to be the same and that's disappointing.  (They're still pretty, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't buying what I thought I was in my head.)

But I was able to fix this one easy enough.  Most of the embellishments I used were from One Little Bird.  She's still one of my top favorites when it comes to digital scrapbooking files.  I used two of her digital kits - Nosh and Prix Fixe

Nosh - two phrase paper strips.  Prix Fixe - flair, wood veneer silverware, bon appetite word art

The glitter sprinkle is from Valerie Wibbens in her embellishment set called Sprinkles V34.

My favorite part about scrapbooking and documenting is that as I go back and look through the images I get to experience the memories and moments again.  It's the best part I think and I know that's the point.  But sometimes I forget and it's a nice reminder when I get down into a project... oh yeah, this is the whole point.

Until next time.