Gina - A Craft Room Tour - Before And After

A few weeks ago, I found myself with an odd weekend home…alone.  In fact, for the first time since Stew and I were married, I was going to spend two nights in our house without him.  Normally, it’s me who is traveling, but due to a misplaced license and his trip out to Kansas, I had the weekend to myself.  It started out with the obligatory trips to all of the crafts stores.  No Hobby Lobby my way, but we have a Joann, a Michaels, and an AC Moore all within 5 minutes of each other.  I had a good time walking through the stores looking at everything and placing a good bit of it in my cart, but, hey, it wasn’t all for me, I started my Christmas shopping that night, as well. 

Purchases from the craft stores.

Purchases from the craft stores.

I brought my bags home, only to discover that if I was to get any crafting done that weekend, that I needed to clean up my much neglected scrap room.  Here it is, folks, in all its messy, chaotic disorder. 

That’s just one picture.  If you want to full tour, see below:


After way too much time, putting things away and re-organizing because I don’t do anything the simple way, it was time to show off the after…funny, I didn’t take any pictures of it, but I did get a video…

I’m sad to say for the last month, I’ve destroyed the room again.  Another day cleaning this past weekend and it was once again in workable condition, but no tour this time, no before and after either, because Stew and I spent a good deal of the weekend talking about what would make my room work best and after a trip to Home Depot and a few searches on Amazon, a pretty extensive makeover is coming.  Expect a more thorough room tour when it’s finished! 

Until next time, Gina

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