January Monthly Challenges

Hello lovely friends and Happy New Year!

I'm so excited for 2016!  Gina and I have such amazing and positive plans for this new year and we are hoping to make it the best ever.  We are going to be doing a lot of new things around the web site and we are so pleased to be able to share them with you.  You'll see many great things in the coming days.

To start things off, lets announce our January monthly challenges.

1. The Cut Challenge - as always, we want to encourage ourselves to get the most out of our amazing Cameo Silhouette machines.  They are capable of doing such cool things but if we don't make a purposeful decision to use them, they quickly start to gather dust.  So every month in 2016 we will strive to use our machines to create at least one cool project. 

2. What was GREAT about 2015? - The focus of our second challenge is to focus on what was great about 2015.  January is always so focused on the future.  Ending every bad habit, starting new ones, losing weight, etc.  But I also want us to take a moment and create a project (any kind of project) that explores the many good things that happened in 2015.  I know that for many of my friends it really hasn't been the best year ever, but even bad days have good moments.  What was great about your year last year?

Please join us for these challenges.  And if you do decide to join us, let me know so we can enjoy your work and share it here on the blog as well.  Tag me on facebook, instagram or send me an email at shelliemg@gmail.com.  Also comment below with a link to your work.