Shellie - A Christmas Story

I think that I've come up with a new plan for documenting my holidays and I'm really excited about it.  I've been toying with the idea for a few days now and tonight I added it to my "project list".  When I wrote down Christmas Memories on the list next to it I wrote what I planned to include - memories of the past, present and future and I had a moment...  Scrooge! I yelled and startled my poor dog. 

I find that when it comes to projects I truly want to participate in (Project Life, December Daily) I really have a hard time because I just don't have the content to fill them up.  Being single and childless, I don't have day after day of "moments" to capture so I start out strong and end up discouraged soon thereafter.

But I love the Christmas holidays and I definitely want a way to document them.  Lately I've also had a strong desire to scrapbook about my past - childhood memories and family members.  So I wanted a way to incorporate those into my Christmas project as well so I've decided to create an ongoing, all encompassing Christmas Memories album. 

It will be in 6x8 pocket style format and it will be an ongoing project that I add to year after year.  I plan to include memories from this year, the pages I created last year and I plan to dig out my mother's photo boxes and include some pages and stories from my childhood.  I'm going to call it - wait for it - A Christmas Story because... well duh.  Scrooge!   Past, present and future!


Fast forward several weeks.  It's January and Christmas is done along with it's crafting.  It's both a sad and happy thing for me because it's my favorite holiday by far.

Over the holidays (I had 11 blessed days off of work in a row) I spent a day setting up my Christmas Story album and working on this year's pages.  I also added in the few days I made last year for my first attempt at December Daily. 

For this year's pages I used a collection I bought in September(ish) and have been hoarding ever since, anxiously awaiting the day I got to use it.  You know how every now and then someone will release a collection that you just love so much it's hard to actually use it because then it will be GONE and what if you want to use it later?

The Christmas on Market Street designed by Jen Allyson for My Mind's Eye just did it for me.  So I used it over enthusiastically on my pages for this year.

I ended up with 6 spreads total and they are just enough to commemorate my family's celebration without me trying to make up enough "memories" to fill up 25 days of... stuff.  My decision to not do December Daily was such a big relief.  I love, love to see everyone's albums.  They are always so beautiful and I want one.  But I just don't have enough going on to fill one up.  It just ends up being a bunch of meaningless fluff.  This new direction I've taken allows me to have my fun without turning it into a big lie just for the sake of making an album that doesn't fit in with my life right now.

I made a few dividers (tabs are my favorite thing right now) and added in the few days worth of pages I made last year.  I also went through Mom's "Shellie" box of photos and pulled out the Christmas ones so when I feel moved by the Christmas spirit, they will be ready for me to think on and create around. 

I'm super glad I've decided to go this route and look forward to adding memories - new and old - as time progresses.

Even though it's late, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2016 will be your best year ever.  Here are RED we hope to do whatever we can to make it positive for you and for us.

See you real soon...