Gina: RED September Challenge, Use Your Silhouette, Grade 3

Hey guys, 

So, I'm finally getting around to actually writing the post for my challenge layouts on September 30th - not quite what I had envisioned when the month started, but as you know, real life gets in the way and soon you turn around and a whole month has passed you by.  Even so, I did complete our challenges and I'm super happy about that.

The challenges were posted on September 3rd and each month, we have two of them.  The first challenge is unchanging.  We both own these wonderful little machines called the Silhouette.  They look gorgeous sitting on our desks, but I'm sad to say, that neither of us use them as much as we should.  So, the challenge was born.  Use this very powerful (and ahem, too expensive to be a dust collector) tool.

September around here means that ten of my eleven nieces and nephews return to school.  I have a senior this year and also a pre-schooler and the youngest, well, her mother wishes she was headed off to school, but since she, and I quote, "won't be potty trained until she's twelve", we have a bit of a ways to go for that one.  She's three and to say she's stubborn, well, I really don't know where she gets that from.

The youngster I'm scrapping in this layout is heading into third grade and tells me his favorite subjects are lunch, gym and dismissal.  Typical kid.  

I'm working on all ten of my back to school layouts using this same style of die cut indicating the grade the child is entering.  Later this month, I will post the other nine as part of my back to school series.  This one is a preview of that.

I did something on this layout that I don't do very often.  I gave myself permission to not look at the clock and consider how long it was taking.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the projects I want to do - that I don't spend enough time enjoying the one I'm working on, so on this day, I pulled out the gesso, the gelatos, the alcohol inks, the stencils, and the modeling paste and played.  What you see is the final result.  

If you want to watch me put this layout together - at four times the speed it actually took and without waiting around for drying times or for me to find what embellishments I wanted to use, you can head on over to my youtube channel and check that out.

Otherwise, I'll see you next time with the next challenge that we gave ourselves for September.

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