Shellie: #1 "Roots" - Transforming 6 Ali Edwards kits into 6 mini books

Using the Ali Edwards "Roots" Story and Stamp Kits in a Mini Album - Project 1 of 6 in this Series

Using the Ali Edwards "Roots" Story and Stamp Kits in a Mini Album - Project 1 of 6 in this Series

In March I signed up to receive both the Story Kit and Stamp Kit from Ali Edwards.  They come in these cute little envelopes and have all sorts of fun things inside.  Each month I would get my kit, open it up and smile and pet all the pretty pieces.  Then I'd pack it all back up in the envelope and set it aside to use "later."

6 months pass and instead of awesome projects, what I have is a pristine collection of kits that have never been used.  Not one single item.  It's a problem.  So I officially paused my subscription and pulled out all of my kits. Time to get busy.

All 6 Ali Edwards kits laid out in a row.

All 6 Ali Edwards kits laid out in a row.

I've challenged myself to use these 6 kits and turn them into 6 mini books based on their themes: Magic, Click, Roots, Build, Go and Little Things.  I think this will be a fun way to kill two birds with one stone - use up the kits and get back into the groove of making my mini books.

I picked one of the more recent kits to start with, "Roots".  Ali Edwards describes the reasons behind this kit in this way: "Roots have been planted by past generations and are being planted by you today. These stories give insight into the who, what, where, why, and when of our existence."

I was immediately drawn to it.  It made me think of my parents and my grandparents and I wanted to celebrate them in this mini book project.  I'll walk you through the process I used to complete this album.

First I pulled out all of the pieces in this kit and laid them out on my desk to really take a look.  I wanted to know what the available sentiments were when I started mentally planning the book.  I flipped through the cards and begin to assign photos to each with small post it notes. 

roots process 2.jpg

Next I reordered the cards until their message and the photos I selected were in a cohesive order.  Then I considered how to hold them together.  I knew I wanted to use the Tim Holtz (I think) book cover as my cover but my original plan was to use twine to tie the covers and pages together through punched holes.  But while looking through my box of mini book supplies, I found these 4x6 pocket pages by We R Memory Keepers and knew that they were the way to go for this project.  It didn't include any 3x4 pockets which was a bummer, but I decided to sew a couple of the 4x6 down the center to create my own.

Next I slipped my cards into these pockets and added pieces from the chipboard sticker card included in the kit. 

I had to take a break in the middle of this project because I needed to go and get the pictures I had planned from my mom.  I knew I wanted to include photos of them as children and of their wedding and of my grandparents.  I took quite a few from her and brought them home and scanned them and printed my own out on my Canon Selphy so I can return the originals to her.  They came our really well.

Roots Mini book details

So next I went back through the pages and tucked the photos into their planned pages and looked for places where I needed more photos and repeated the scanning and printing process until I had filled all of the photo spots except one, the collage I wanted to include in the front.

Page by page I pulled the cards, embellishments and photos out of the pockets and begin to assemble my pages by attaching the photos, chipboard stickers and and the phrase stickers.  I stuck almost completely to the kit itself, only adding a very few pieces that did not come with this collection - part of a doily and a few pieces from what I believe is the the Oh, Darling vellum die cut pack.

I saved my inside title page for last.  When I'd pulled out the kit contents originally I laid the little word veneer pieces one on top of another for fun and liked the way they looked so much that I decided to use them that way in the project.  I created their background by cutting a 4x6 card from a wood grain print paper and then attached the words to the front one on top of the other as they'd been before.  For the back of this page, I knew I wanted to use the clear acrylic printed card so I took my favorite pictures of my family and made a collage from the photos and then printed it out and attached it to another piece of wood grain paper.  I did not attach the clear sheet to the collage, but just tucked it in the pocket on top so that it can be removed and the photos can be viewed uncovered.

Finally I assembled the book, using an awl to cut the holes into the cover.  For the cover I want to attach the plastic word that Ali includes with each kit.  It's so white and new and modern looking though, that it doesn't go with the look and feel of the rest of my book, so my intention is to paint it gold before permanently adhering it.

And that was it.  Finished mini book #1 of 6.  I loved making this book and the meaning behind it.  Looking through the old photos and choosing ones that meant something to me or that I didn't even know existed was the best part. 

I look forward to seeing what else I can create with the remaining 5 kits.