Gina: Maxim on Monday 1, Quote Love

Ahh, the new year…

It’s filled with such hope and promise and plans – so many plans.  So many plans, that I, in fact, overwhelmed myself to the point that I could not accomplish one darn thing.  That’s not totally true.  I did check a few things off of the ole to do list, but let me tell you, the line crossing didn’t go over as many of those tasks as I would have liked. 

So, after spending weeks in the miasma that was my own self-induced nothingness – I have emerged and am ready to put these plans into action, starting right here with this post.

This is the post that should have been.  I had very clear plans that I would start off January 4th with a new blog/video posting schedule and nothing would deter me from it.  Well, my friends that time tested enemy known as “me” stymied that right quick.   So, the posting schedule is getting started a bit later than I wanted.  In fact, I started writing this post on January 11th – it’s now the 18th – do you see how my year is going so far?

There’s so many different kinds of projects I want to work on this year and I’ve decided to start with this one.  This is what I will call “Maxim on Monday.”  Now, I can’ promise that one of these posts will be up every Monday – but I’m going to aim for that. 

(Side note: Maxim is being used strictly for alliteration purposes, they may not be short and they may only pertain to my truth.  I was going to go with Motivation on Monday, but really, there’s nothing motivating about Twain stating, “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but, I repeat myself,” other than it is darn funny to me and I may wish to capture it.)

What is Maxim on Monday?  You see, I collect quotes.  I have them everywhere.  Literally.  And though the word literally is often used as a statement of exaggeration, in this case, literally is literally.  Unless, of course, you think of everywhere in the broad spectrum of the entire world and then, in that case, yes, literally, even in this case, is a bit of hyperbole, but I digress. 

The point being, I collect quotes.  Have collected them since as long as I can remember.  And that collection, my friends, looks rather dubious.  Like to the point of “Don’t approach without a guide, a map, and GPS” lest you find yourself buried underneath the plethora of journals, post it notes, napkins, packaging, old envelopes and anything else that may pass for a writing surface. 

It’s time to get this stuff in order (an ongoing theme throughout my goals this year)!  And so, Maxim on Monday is born.  This project is taking the form of an Art Journal – in which I will in some way document some of my favorite quotes in a hopefully artistic way.  This week starts with the intro page I made for my altered book. 

I bought this very thick book at a yard sale for $1.  It's been sitting in my stash for quite some time, but I thought what better place to have a quote collection than in a book.  The first thing I wanted to do in this book was to make an intro page.  I started this page several times and this is the final result. 

I purchased this art paper from AC Moore - I just loved the bright blues and purples with the iridescent gold running throughout the paper.  I added some washi tape down the spine and added some gold embossing paste to the top of the page using a script stencil.  I had these quote chipboard pieces left over from my initial attempt at this page.  As I don't use very many speech bubbles on my layouts, I thought a page introducing my book about quotes would be a great place to use some of those up.  I used that same gold embossing paste through two different heart stencils to further solidify the theme of this page - my love of quotes.  I finished up the page with some Thickers spelling out the title of the book and this page was finished!

Here's a few detail pictures of the intro page:


And if you'd like to see me put this page together, you can watch that below.

I hope you guys are having a great start to your new year and I'll be back very soon with my next project.

Until then, take care and be well, Gina