Gina: Talk It Through Tuesday 1, Stew and Tacos

Hey Guys,

I know, I's not Tuesday, but I'm behind on posting and I don't want to delay getting these things up longer than I already have, so look for quite a few posts from me over the next few days.

Talk it Through Tuesday is a new series that is starting on my You Tube channel.  I tried to do this in the past, but it didn't quite work out, but I'm re-commiting myself to it and we'll see how it goes.  On upcoming Tuesdays, I hope to have for you a video of a scrapbook page where I create it in real time.  

If you just want to look at the finished product, then you're in the right place, because the photos will be posted here on the blog.  I know that an hour is a long time to dedicate to watching someone work, but you would not believe the number of comments I've had of people stating that they really like this.  I guess they do what I do, and scrap right along with the youtube video their watching.  I love to do that.

For this first project, I kept it pretty simple.  I used the traditional cut apart page that comes in most collections and I softened its colors with a bit of gesso.  I picked up this tip in a class by Celine Navarro.  Now I've used this before on busy background papers, but not once did I think of using the cut apart sheet in this way.  Thank you, Celine.  This was great.  Elle's Studio line about food was the perfect backdrop for this layout about Stew and his love of tacos.  The only thing was, when I put the photos on top of the washed out background paper, they seemed to fade away, so I knew I needed some frames.

Enter in my Silhouette machine.  I'm on a mission to learn everything this beauty can do so I sat down and made my own frames - and bonus, it's even a print and cut file because I wanted words on the bottom of these Polaroid frames.  This sounds as though I just breezed through this process, well, I didn't.  I struggled with it more than I would like to admit, but in the end (after figuring out that one of my problems was that I wasn't loading my cutting mat in correction...sigh), I was able to produce what I wanted.  Go me.  

With my frames and my background paper I was ready to put this one together.  Since the background was still a bit busy, I kept the embellishments to a minimum and used the neutral cork and since I had two pieces of this cut apart paper and I really liked some of the phrases, I cut out pieces from my second sheet and adhered them in their original spots on the background paper.

I hope you enjoyed this layout.  If you're interested in seeing the video, you can watch that here, or over on my youtube channel.

One last thing, we will be offering these print and cut files I created in the near future as soon as we work out our plans for that - so look for that coming up.

Be Well and Stay Warm.  Gina