Shellie: Big Picture Classes - Doodled 1.0 & 2.0

I want to start out by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Big Picture Classes.  I'm just a customer.  But since I sign up for way too many online classes, I thought that I could actually participate in some of them and if I liked them, share them here.

Recently I took the Doodled 1.0 and Doodled 2.0 with Brandi Kincaid.  I love doodles but I never feel like I do a good job so I thought hey, it can't hurt.  I absolutely adored 1.0.  I love the way she breaks down the doodles and reminds you that it's not complicated.  I found that I could duplicate her doodles pretty well when practicing. 

As the lessons continued, I kept doodling as I watched and listened and doodled other things that were pictured on screen as her examples.  I'm as pleased as I can be with this class.

2.0 takes it a little further into the digital realm and shows several ways on how to get your doodles off the page and into your computer so you can use them in multiple ways.

The doodles I'm showing throughout this post are the doodles I did while taking the 1.0 class.  I do recommend this class if you are a BPC member.

If you are not, they do offer a 30 day free trial and during that time, you can take as many classes as you like so why not give it a try?

See you real soon!