Shellie: January Challenge - Best of 2015

When considering challenge ideas for the year, I didn't want to go the obvious direction where January was concerned.  I didn't want to do goals or resolutions.  Instead I decided to go the other way and reflect on what was good about 2015.

This ended up being a fun but challenging project for me.  It was fun looking back through the year and selecting what were my favorite moments.  It was hard - specifically when choosing photos to represent my two trips - narrowing the photos down to only a few.  There were so many great memories to choose from.  I also tend to avoid using photos of myself and I couldn't do that here.  This is something I want to work harder at in 2016.

This year I went with the following from left to right then top to bottom as my best moments.

  • My trip to Las Vegas with Gina in May.

  • My trip to Disney with Gina in July.

  • The spinning retreat I attended in Destin in January. (I go again in just 2 weeks!)

  • The birth of my niece, Selah in July.

  • My other new niece, Kaydence, turning one also in July.

  • Having the entire family together at the church where we all grew up in October.

I used a collection of various digital products.  I just knew when I started I wanted the background to be black and white.  I've lowered the opacity to make it less harsh.  I meant to use a bunch of different kinds of frames but using the multiple images from my trips sent me looking for photo strips and I ended up using 3.

So challenge #1 for January is done for me.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do for my cut challenge but I need to get on it. 

Until next time!