Shellie: Super late January cut challenge - stickers from a printable

My January cut file challenge project was to use my new Felicity Jane printables to print and cut on sticker paper for my planner.  This isn’t supposed to be a challenge in the sense that it’s hard, the challenge is to use our silhouette every month at least once.  (Hopefully more than once, but at the very least once.)  Since this is the only cut project I did in January, it wins! LOL

I signed up to receive the Felicity Jane monthly kits because I just love their color scheme.  The black and white is something I’ve been loving so much lately and the pops of color are “my” colors so it just made sense.  Also, she doesn’t do like 20 add on options that I always feel like I “must” buy.  I did add on some paper but it’s not like I’m sucked into spending $100 plus each month on my kit.  Because I can never resist a good add-on.  It’s a flaw.  I’m working on it.

Each month she sends out an exclusive printable that we can use along with our kits and January’s included some super cute labels and tags that were perfect for how I’m using my Erin Condren planner at the moment.  Currently I’m using each of the three sections as a different category, work, personal and blog.  So I wanted to label each week that way.  I also made a little silverware graphic but cropping off part of one of the One Little Bird word art flags and I’m (supposed) to be using that to track my food at the bottom of each day in this weekly layout.

Using the print and cut feature with sticker paper is so fascinating to me because I get so happy with how it cuts through each sticker perfectly, but doesn’t cut the paper backing.  It’s so neat!  I know, I know…the simple minded are simply entertained. 

Anyway, hopefully my February cut challenge will be a bit more entertaining. I’ll strive for complexity.  Sorry for the delay in getting this one up and posted.