Gina: 12x12 Layout: Happy In Love


Another photo from the pile of printed photos "to be scrapped" and another using the Scraps of Darkness January kit.  This was my first time using these Bo Bunny foil transfers.  They are the gold stars and the "together forever" phrase that appear on the page.  I must say at first, I wasn't a fan.  They are more delicate than rub ons if you can believe that, but by the end of the layout, I really enjoyed using them.  Afterall, foil is all the rage these days and these rub ons give you the opportunity to get the look without shelling out the money to buy the machine to do it.  Though, in all honesty, Shell owns the machine and she loves it.  So if you love foiling as much as she does, that may be a worthy investment for you.  For me, I don't see a lot of foil use in my future, so that's one machine I haven't bought.  I feel like I should say yet after that sentence, but I'm not going to.  I'm staying strong.  I don't have to have every machine that is ever put out.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.

The small dark and light purple flowers scattered around the two main embellishment clusters actually came from a hair tie.  


I purchased these many, many years ago when I first started scrapbooking.  I was looking for inexpensive ways to embellish my pages and I thought that the flowers on these hair ties would be perfect.  I put them in a vase then and they've looked very pretty sitting on my shelf, that is, until today.  I pulled them out and used them and I love the way that they pull this layout together.   Since re-organizing my room, it's been so much easier to find things I want to use on my layouts.  I'm loving it and I'm thoroughly enjoying getting use out of things I bought so long ago.  It feels nice to get these things put down on paper.  The white flowers are ones I bought from the floral department and the two pinkish flowers are from Prima.

The hardest part about this layout was that bow in the lower right.  I can't tie a bow to save my life.  So, over to YouTube I went only to find a tutorial using a Bowdabra and remembering that I own one of those.  Not only do I own it, I even knew where it was.  That was a proud moment right there, let me just tell you.  With that handy little device, the bow was made.  It's not perfect, but it will do!

One other thing I've found while making this layout is that it doesn't matter how many supplies you have in your scraproom, you will never have that one supply you are looking for.  I mean, seriously, how do I not own crinkle seam binding?  I still can't believe that!  Just goes to show...I don't own everything, regardless of what Stew may think!

This photo of my brother and sister-in-law was taken on mine and Stew's fifth wedding anniversary, which was ohhh, umm, four years ago.  It's so good to not only have the photo, but to actually remember the occasion.  

We were notified that morning that my father had passed.  The news of his death didn't shock me; he had been declining for several months, but what did shock me was my reaction.  I hadn't talked to the man in twenty years, yet I was profoundly affected by his passing.  I don't miss him.  I never have.  Not when he walked out of my life when I was twelve and not since his death.  Not once do I think about him and wish for his presence, but that day, the feelings that washed over me didn't make sense.  I was devastated.  After I had time to process those feelings, it was more the loss of an ideal than the loss of him.  My dad had died many years before.  My grandfather was that person for me, not the person who fathered me.  Dad versus father - there's a difference.

None of that has to do with this photo, not directly anyway.  The loss I was feeling prompted an unplanned day with family.  I wanted to be close to them.  We headed down to my brothers, we ate steamed crabs and we didn't reminisce.  We hardly said two words about the man who is listed as father on our birth certificate and honestly, that's the way it was supposed to be.  He was never there for us, but we've always been there for each other, or at least we have tried our best to be and when I look at this photo of my brother and his wife, I'm reminded of that.  I'm reminded of the deep bonds we share and I'm even more reminded that there is a difference between a father and a dad.  The man you see in this photo is both and I'm damn proud of him for that.   

I don't know where that tangent came from, but when I share information about my layouts, I really try to express not only my thoughts about the mechanics of putting the layout together, but the memories and the feelings that are encapsulated within that 12x12 space.  It's what this hobby is all about.  It's not about pretty paper and the latest embellishments (but don't we all love that), it's about taking a moment in time, a fleeting instant, and giving it all of the love that it deserves.  Scrapbooking is a journey for me.  The multitude of pictures allow me to relive the numerous occassions when I've laughed, when I've cried, when I've been worried and when I've been so proud.  I'm so happy for this hobby and I'm so happy that I get to share all of this with all of you.

If you'd like to see how this layout came together, please take a few minutes, to check out the process video below.


Until next time, Gina