Gina: 12x12 Layout: Me and My Loves

Wow, guys, it's been forever and a day, hasn't it?  To make a really long story short, the reason for my absence is Life:  Work, illness, family issues, you know the drill.  Add to that the need to completely re-organize my scrap area...AGAIN, and I've been out of commission for quite some time.  Hoping to change that.

After time away with family in Georgia this past week, I came home with the burning need to create and also a massive cold.  Thank you, nephew, it's so nice of you to share.  That did not deter me, however.  I needed to create.  Had to.  I haven't felt that in awhile and who am I to argue.

I went to my stack of printed photos and just happened upon this one.  I didn't know this was the picture I was going to scrap when I started, but this is the one I used all the same.  This photo fills me with such warm memories...look how little my kids were then.  That little girl on the right is now 11..ELEVEN.  I wish every day that I could just keep them little forever, but I am quite proud of all of my kids for the people that they are becoming.  I look forward to the days ahead with them watching them continuing to grow, but I also like looking back...back on times when they were happy to sit and snuggle.

I used the Scrap of Darkness January kit for this layout.  Everything you see on the layout with the exception of the paint and the mist was included in the kit.  I figured I better start using this kit up because my February kit is sitting under my desk and my April one is on the way (the club skipped March due to Melinda's move).

If you'd like to see this layout come together, I invite you to take a peek at the video.

Thank you for your patience and I'm going to try my best to return to a more routine posting schedule.

Until next time, Gina