Gina: Poe, A 12x12 layout using Mixed Media for the Ink It Up YouTube Layout Hop

Good morning, Folks.  This layout was a series of unexpected happenings.  The layout itself took quite awhile.  A bit over 2 hours which seems like an eternity to me.  I'm normally trying to complete a page in just about an hour and well, this one didn't turn out that way.  It's funny when it comes to mixed media.  I think you have to go into using those techniques knowing that everything you do may in fact be hidden by the end of the layout process.  That certainly happened on this one.  I loved the background I created.  Unfortunately, it was too dark to allow my black birds to show up, and so I used the packaging from that Blue Fern studio chipboard to layer the main part of the layout.  

The pictures used in this layout are from the church that sits in front of the cemetery where Edgar Allan Poe's grave resides, but more on his actual grave in the companion layout that will be forthcoming.  The moon was full the night Stew and I went to check out the grave.  We were in Baltimore for a play at the Hippodrome and arrived a bit too early, so we went exploring.  For all the years I've lived in and around Baltimore (which is my whole life) and for how much I love Poe, I had never visited his grave site.  This night checked that one off of the to do list.  It was totally creepy to walk around the graveyard at night, but also something peaceful about it.  It was also super cold, so we didn't stay very long.  I definitely want to go back to explore some more, but this was a great way to spend the time we had before the show.

This layout was born out of an invitation I received from Tuesdae Hubbard for a YouTube layout hop she and other scrappers were participating in.  I was so excited to be included.  Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.  My internet failed and then there as life, so this is the first chance I'm getting to sit down and get this posted.  If you want to follow along on the hop, you can start at my video below and then in the description box of the video, all other participants are listed.  They are some seriously talented folks and I hope you'll check them out.

Detailed photos here:


Until next time, much peace and love, Gina