Shellie: "Fly" a 12 x 12 layout from Shellie and exciting news


I'm super excited about this post and the coming weekend.  First it's National Scrapbook Day and I plan to spend as much of it as possible scrapping like mad. 

Second, I have one of my favorite layouts to share with you today.

And finally, the creation of this layout, led to the creation of our very first product for sale and the launch of our online shop!

When I set out to make this layout I wasn't actually trying to create a cut file to sell.  I just wanted to make a beautiful page filled with hot air balloons that I'd been envisioning ever since I saw the diamond print paper that came with the Tuesday kit (February) from Felicity Jane.  It NEEDED to be hot air balloons. 

So I sat down at my computer and a bit later I said to myself... this is it!  This is going to be the first product!  We'd been striving for a while to decide on just where to start and it sort of happened on it's own.  I guess that's just the way it goes.

When I saw the balloons on screen and pictured them filled in with the pretty geometric backgrounds I could picture the photos I wanted to use in my mind.  I remembered a few weeks before when my mother and I were playing with my niece KK and a container of bubbles.  She loved them and kept holding her hands up to try and pop them.  I knew I wanted to use one of those photos and I thought she was wearing pink so it could work.

Once I found them (it took longer than it should have) I couldn't decide which photo to use and decided I wanted to use more than one.  The more I considered I eventually decided to experiment a little with the photos and my silhouette (oh, May challenge anyone??) and cut out the pictures of KK in silhouette (too many silhouettes!)

Once I backed the balloons with the paper and had KK cut out, I added a smaller cut of just the title Fly on top of the first.  It still needed something else and so... of course, out came the dots, sequins and gems. 

I really love the end result and the fun set of 5 cut files that came from it.

The background paper is also from one of my Felicity Jane kits.

This weekend we will be opening our online store (both on this web site and on etsy for the time being).  This hot air balloon cut file will be our first product.  It will come in a set with 5 files.  Look for the official shop announement and details about the cut files on the blog.

Thanks and happy scrapping!