Shellie: Hybrid "Celebrate" birthday card


This card I made as part of our April Challenge.  We haven't been keeping up with out challenges very well but I do plan on going back and doing the ones that I missed.

April's challenge was to make 3 cards and give them away.

This card I made for my Sister-in-law, Miranda.  Her birthday was May 21st.  She did not get this card because I'm AWFUL at sending cards on time.  It's something I REALLY want to work on because really it's a bad habit I need to break.  But my entire family is getting together on the 28th to celebrate my mom's and my aunt's birthday so I'm going to give it to Miranda then. (I forgot again.  So it's going in the mail.)

I have always loved this cupcake image from one of the One Little Bird digital kits from a year, maybe two years ago.  I downloaded the file this month and used it to make this hybrid card. 

First I inserted several elements from the kit into Adobe Illustrator (importing them into Silhouette would work also).  In this case I did the cupcake (I duplicated it and made several sizes because I wasn't sure which size would look best on the card.), a couple of the hand written greetings and this plaid background paper because I loved the colors and how they matched the cupcake.

I did a live trace for the words and cupcakes and with a tiny bit of tweaking created an offset path so I could cut out the files and leave a little bit of a white border around the elements then I printed them and cut them out using my Silhouette.  It worked BEAUTIFULLY.


In fact, it worked so well that the part that took me the longest was deciding where to place the two background tags.  I must have moved those two little rectangles of paper about a million times.  But I finally settled on a spot.  A little sprinkle of sequins and this super cute card was finished.

I really enjoyed using the hybrid method and my digital stash to create this card and think I may do a lot of this in the future.  My digital scrap stash is huge and so much of it has gone unused and I think this would be an awesome way to get more out of those files. 

And Happy Birthday, Miranda.