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Hello 2017

Shellie GlassComment

I’m not going to go into a long explanation on why it’s been so long since I’ve updated.  I’m just going to say that a few months ago – through my own doing – I got a little overloaded at work and there was no brain left for blogging.

That’s finally getting better (yay for help!) and I’m doing a pretty good job at getting my life in order for 2017.  Part of that involves getting the blog and etsy store back on track.  Yay!

I am looking forward to spending my time crafting this year in more meaningful ways and cutting out things that I did or meant to do but didn’t do that don’t fit in with my goals.

I hope you all have had a great holiday season and are getting fun and fantastic things done in this new year.  2017 is going to be great!