Around here.... Part 2

Here we are in New Orleans!

Here we are in New Orleans!

Hello again -

Because I have been failing miserably at blogging AND at social media, we didn't even mention something super fun that happened just a couple weeks ago.  Gina came down for a visit!!  It was totally unplanned - by that I mean I said , "Hey Gina, we need a visit" and she came back with..."okay, I'm coming down on April 7th."  LOL

We did lots of wandering around my area during her visit and did a quick 26 hour trip to New Orleans to stomp around the French Quarter.  I'm looking forward to making some fun projects about the quick trip. 

She flew in on a Friday and I picked her up at the airport and what did we decide to do that day?  Well, first we went to Zaxby's because that's one of Gina's requirements.  LOL But then we drove over to Foley to a... scrapbooking store!  Haha.  We just can't help ourselves.  It one of our rituals.  I have Michael's and JoAnn and Hobby Lobby down here and she has them up there but every time we get together we have to go to them all.  It's like I suddenly have permission to buy stuff because I'm "on vacation".  There's no logic behind it but really, any excuse to buy crafting supplies, am I right?  (We even went to a Joann in Maine last summer on our road trip.  It was the saddest tiniest little JoAnn.)  Anyway, we went to Gigi's Scrapbooking in Foley, Alabama and bought stuff.  Then came back to Pensacola and went to JoAnn and Hobby Lobby (bought more stuff). 

Saturday we made a visit to Pensacola Beach to the boardwalk and shopped a little and then had cupcakes and milk shakes for dinner.  For real. 


Then Sunday morning we drove over to New Orleans.  We had crepes in the Garden District at DeVille's and they were sooooooo good.  I want one now.  We went to the Lafayette Cemetery #1 before heading down toward the French Quarter.  We had dinner in the French Quarter and stayed at the Double Tree on Canal and then on Monday just wandered. 

We had our Cafe Au Lait and Beignets at Café Du Monde, which were fabulous, then just roamed and shopped and went to the Voodoo Museum and the Museum of Death which was both creepy and fascinating.  There were parts I couldn't or wouldn't look at but other things that were interesting.  We finally got our Red Beans and Rice that afternoon.  (I really need to stop talking about the food).  Then went back to the hotel to pick up the car and head home.  Quick, fun trip and lots of great photos to document our 26 hours of adventure.

Tuesday is movie day. Gee loves Gina because she pets him non stop while she's here.

Tuesday is movie day. Gee loves Gina because she pets him non stop while she's here.

Tuesday we literally just laid around and watched movies all day.  I think the only time I left the house was to pick up food for dinner.  LOL I force feed Gina movies when we are together.  It's another ritual.  :)

Anyway, neither one of us documented a single moment of the trip on Instagram, which was a shame but it is what it is.  LOL 

I'm looking forward to making fun project with the photos.

This happened on my way home from dropping Gina off at the airport.  But I'm glad it didn't happen while she was here.