Gina: It's Easter in July, Part 1/3, My Little ChickaDee

So, I’m writing this in September. Just close your eyes and think back like it’s July and you’ll set the tone for this post which should have been posted then, but I’m kind of silly when it comes to writing and it takes me some time to sit at the keyboard and put some words down. It’s typically because when I sit down to write and I have too many thoughts swirling through my head, writing makes me deal with all that “stuff” and mostly, I like to put my head in the sand and ignore it, so that’s why blog posts often go up (if they ever go up) long after the video has been posted on the channel, but I’m in a writing mood now and I’m catching up….FINALLY

Now onto Easter in July

So I decided at the end of July that since everyone was working on their Christmas in July layouts, I'd work on my Easter in July layouts.  Now, a couple of things.  This was not at all planned.  These photos of my nieces were just next in my pile of printed pictures.  As you know, I'm trying not to print any more pictures until the ones that are in existence are put in the scrapbook – so that's what started this foray into Easter.  Another thing of import, I don't normally scrap any other holiday except Christmas and most of the times, not even that.  I'm so bad about this.  I like scrapping random photographs, one 4x6 to 12x12 layout, please.  When it comes to holidays and big trips I've taken, I don't know, I get overwhelmed.  But this time, I was determined to get these pictures printed.  They've only been sitting in my stash since GDH was willing to wear a dress and let me tell you, that was a long time ago.

So with the photos in my hand and sick of seeing these photos in my pile resolution, I set out to scrap them.  Now, I could have put all three of them on one layout and called it a day, but that's not really how I roll.  Besides, I had all of these cute Easter embellishments to use.

My Little ChickaDee


To complete this layout, I used some wallpaper remnants I was able to buy at a local yard sale. 

The yard sale was held at the church by my house and they called it a "Sophisticated Junk Sale".  Loved the name and had to stop.  Of course, I wasn't expecting to buy almost 20 wallpaper sample books, but sometimes, a jackpot is a jackpot.  20 of them for 20 dollars – and it's going to the church fund for youth groups – take my $30, Stew carry these heavy things to the car – they're all mine.  Finding a place to store them in my already overcrowded scraproom was a challenge, but I prevailed.  You didn't doubt that for a minute, did you?

Anyway, back to the layout.  For the background papers I used the wallpaper samples.  Even the photo mat is from those sample books.  I love them so much because they have all of the coordinating pieces together.  Makes this girl who has a hard time matching pattern paper scream with joy. 

The chipboard is from a large chipboard set I bought that featured all of the holidays.  I got it at Hobby Lobby and it's by The Paper Studio.  I bought it when I first started scrapbooking.  Before I realized that I don't really like the cartoonish look.  It was there.  I used it.  End of story.  As old as these pictures are, if I had scrapped them in real time, I probably would have used that chipboard, so it all worked out. 

The yellow and white striped dots I used on the flower and in other places around the layout are from Queen and Co. Those other rubbery embellishments are from either Michael's or Walmart.  At the time I bought them, they were being sold as ornaments for like Easter trees – yeah, I don't get it either, but I thought they'd make fun scrapbook embellishments and lookie here, they do.  The ribbon was from my stash.  I think it's from American Crafts.

This layout was super easy to make and in the end, it's cute – just like my niece.

If you want to see the process behind the layout, please head on over to our youtube channel.