Gina: RED Yearbook (Pocketed Memory Keeping), 2015, Week 3

RED Yearbook Pocket Scrapbooking - Week 3 by Gina Beth

RED Yearbook Pocket Scrapbooking - Week 3 by Gina Beth

I just recently started working on my RED Yearbook again, and you know, I'm only about 7 months or so behind.  Hey, I figure I'll finish it one day...but I want to make sure that all of my Yearbook pages for 2015 are shared here on the blog, so here it is week 3.

The supplies I used for this layout included a Teresa Collins collection (Hello, My Name Is) that I purchased on sale before Christmas 2014.  Most of the paper I used is from that collection, as well as some of the labels, brads, and epoxy stickers.  I love the kraft, red, black and white color scheme.  Other supplies I used:  stamp sents from L2E, Scraptastic and The Paper Studio; stickers from Becky Higgens Project Life; and, word stickers from Pink Paislee.

Left Side Details - RED Yearbook Pocket Scrapbooking - Week 3 by Gina Beth

Left Side Details - RED Yearbook Pocket Scrapbooking - Week 3 by Gina Beth

(1) My title card.  I struggle with what to do with the title card for each one of my layouts.  Sometimes, I feel like it's a complete waste to take up a full insert to document just the week and the days covered, then I think that I've been doing it this way since the beginning - it feels like the thing to do.  I don't know, one day, I'll sort it out, for now, on this layout, I just stamped the week with a large stamp set from Close to my Heart using Stampin Up Cherry Cobbler Ink, added some cut aparts from that Teresa Collins collection, used my date stamp to document the days included in this layout and then my favorite a large enamel heart and dots to complete the space.

(2) Documents our Sunday.  Kind of a lazy day around the house.  Stew changed the headlights in my car; we watched The Rock's show where he set this guy up to go speed dating and the whole time the guy was on the date he was talking about his cat which led The Rock to exclaim, "You have got to be shittin' me."  Pure comedy.  Stew made me French toast and I played in the craft room.  Pretty much an awesome Sunday.

(3) Laundry, laundry, laundry

(4) My favorite card I think from the whole week.  Just a little peek into my lovable Stewbert.  He sent me a text message that said, "I love you, too, my sweet little papoose."  I had to screen capture that - and my response of "Oh God, go to bed."

(5) Dinner at Nantucket Reef, all by my lonesome.  They're dish "Crab, no cake" makes eating alone worth it.  And, and!  bread pudding.  Delish.

(6)  Combind I saw at work - must say, I will own one of these!!

(7,8) When I created this layout, I was really in a let's just get it done mood, so instead of doing what I normally do and journal individually for each picture, I decided to just include all of the journaling (well, most of the journaling - I'm a rambler!!) on two of the 6x4 spaces and separate the days using day of the week stamps from The Paper Studio.

Right Side Details - RED Yearbook Pocket Scrapbooking - Week 3 by Gina Beth

Right Side Details - RED Yearbook Pocket Scrapbooking - Week 3 by Gina Beth

(1) Not my photo.  I had a site visit at the Navy Medical Research Center and security was so crazy that I didn't feel comfortable taking a photo, so I searched the web and found one.  I just love the campus and the etched glass, so wanted to preserve this in my memories.  So glad someone had more gumption that I did to take the photo.

(2) Night out in Rockville.  Dinner at Copper Canyon.  The service was better than the food, but, of course, I must take pictures of the food!  And also the super color mosaic stairs they have there.

(3) So, there's a long story here.  I don't know what it is but my niece and nephew are obsessed with this emoji.  I mean, they're 9 and 7, so you know, poop is funny.  Well, anytime they text message me, they send me this emoji - over and over and over again.  One day, I was just looking at sales sites when I came upon a pillow shaped like this emoji.  I had the fleeting thought of buying it for the kids, but didn't want to see their mother's reactions, so I didn't, but I definitely wanted to add the memory to my book.

(4) Last week, I started with a new To Do app - HabitRPG.  I was very excited about it at the time.  Until, I died.  Yeah, probably have to go back to the drawing board on that one.

(5) Yay!  New sneakers!

(6) Used some Scraptastic stamps to document that I was actually able to keep Stew's vacation trip a surprise.  To say I'm really bad at keeping surprises is an understatement, so the fact that I did...well, I deserve an award and at least a square in my Yearbook.

(7) Spent the day in Harrisonburg.  Interesting architecture and okay food.

(8) The surprise is revealed.  We're headed to Massanutten.  The green and blue picture is actually the patch that I bought from the resort.  I love buying these from all of the places that I visit.  These and post cards and I add them right into my memory keeping.

No inserts for this week...don't know how that happened.

For a more detailed look at these layouts, you can watch me walk through it on the YouTube channel:

Until next time...Gina