My Word for 2019: Invest

I had a hard time deciding on a word for this year. The word I chose for last year wasn’t right so it didn’t stick with me and that made me have doubts this year when thinking about my word. I like Gina’s word and considered stealing it but today, I took out my planner and finally started writing out what I wanted to accomplish this year. Not like an official set of goals but just what I’d like to do.

Then I went to Ali Edward’s blog and read through the list of words she has on there as examples. I haven’t signed up for her One Little Word class for 2019 because I did sign up in 2018 and didn’t do any of the work. So I’m going to use last year’s prompts for this year so they aren’t wasted. I looked through the list and wrote down the words that I liked and that felt connected with the list of things I wanted to accomplish. Some of my favorites were Cultivate, Choose, Devote, Enjoy, Experiment, Grow, Invest, Intentional, More/Less and Focus.

Next I read through this list again and marked off the ones that just didn’t feel right. I narrowed it down to three, Cultivate, Invest and Grow. Then I looked up their definitions. While I liked them all, I settled on Invest.

Invest: Devotes ones time, effort or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. It was the end, the “expectation of a worthwhile result” is what I really liked and I think what finally settled me on this word. I want to spend more time doing things that will give me a worthwhile result, not on things like watching tv that won’t.

I’m excited to really embrace my word this year. Usually I tend to just pick a word and that’s it. It took me several days just to remember what my word was for last year (action).

One of the things I want to invest more in is this blog and youtube channel. So…

See you soon.


Remember Every Day does YouTube!

We are so excited to announce that we've started our own YouTube channel for Remember Every Day!  Gina was so kind as to set aside her very popular Gina Beth channel and team up with me to create a joint channel featuring the projects that we showcase here on the blog.  We are just getting started but have plans to update weekly!

If you like to watch process videos on Youtube, please take a moment to check us out and subscribe!  We appreciate your support as we set off on this new adventure.

Also, if you aren't already, follow us on Instagram!

Talk soon!


Gina: It's Easter in July, Part 3/3, Easter Time


The last Easter in July project.  Again, kept it super simple.  Used some of that wallpaper as the background and some mulberry paper from Hobby Lobby for the photo mat.  The chipboard is from that Hobby Lobby The Paper Studio holiday chipboard set, the rubbery embellishment is one of those ornaments.  I used some fabric tape and some washi and this layout was complete.

There is a video that goes through the making of this layout, if you'd like to take a peek.

Thanks for visiting and reading.  Until next time, take care of yourself.

Around here... Part 1

A picture of "the move" before things got messy. Very messy.

A picture of "the move" before things got messy. Very messy.

Hello friends -

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted on here.  It hasn't been intentional, sometimes life just happens for too many days and weeks and months in a row. 

So many things have changed around for me personally and I'm very excited about the future and a little crazy in the present.  I feel like I've been in a constant desire for "reset/fresh start" for months without success.  One reason is because I've been in "wait" mode for what feels like forever with regard to my home and financial situation. 

I've been living on a rather tight budget for quite a while and to help get out of that frustrating spot, I'm actually changing my living situation.  I've been renting for a while and the place was in the right location and the perfect size for me and McGee and while it was not expensive, when added to a ridiculously high car payment (my own fault) I was living pretty tight.  But it was old and had some super duper flaws as well.

I talked it over with my parents and they helped me get a loan and after looking at a few different options, we have decided to build me a little house on the back of their property.  It's going to be small (750 sq ft) but fresh and new and cute.  Plus it will be close to them which was one of my priorities.   It will also have a flaw or two (only satellite internet - sigh), but I think overall it will be great and I'm excited.

In the meantime, however, that means I'm living in one of the bedrooms at my parents house.  I have way too much stuff for one room and even though I rented a storage unit, I brought way too much with me and it's crowded and a mess.  I'm going to have to do better and take more to storage or I'll go crazy.  I also have a very tiny crafting space so my projects are going to have to take up less space, make less mess and require less supplies.  This is something I'm going to have to work at because currently, I'm failing.  But this is only 6 months (I keep telling myself that) and I can handle it for that long. 

I'm planning to start a personal blog still on this site where I want to document what's happening with the house project.  All of the crafting will still be on this main blog, but I wanted to have a place I could talk about the house and my self improvement efforts as well as my newly diagnosed struggle with "diabeetus."  (I always call it that.  I can't help myself.  Sorry.)  You'll be able to find this blog in the sites main navigation as soon as the first post is up.

I have more to talk about with regard to what's been going on around here but I'm going to break the posts into pieces.  Thanks for sticking with us through the dry spell and I'm looking forward to getting back to the fun around here.


Gina: A Piece of Advice from Wentworth

I'm sure all of you know who Wentworth Miller is and if you don't, let me share a reminder....

(Picture from a daily dose of wentworth tumblr (

(Picture from a daily dose of wentworth tumblr (

Ahhh, Michael Scofield, I can't wait to see you again.

Or if you don't remember him from there, maybe this image is more familiar to you....

Also taken from the website:

Also taken from the website:

Either way, I'm sure you are aware that he has shared his personal struggles with mental health publicly.  One way in which he acts as a support for others is on his Facebook page.  He routinely posts about Self Care and during the month of February it has been a daily Self Care moment.

On Monday or Tuesday of last week he posted about a technique he uses called "One Lane."  This technique is used while driving and basically it means what it says.  He stays in one lane while going from point A to point B regardless of how the traffic is moving in that lane.  He said that it was maddening at first, but then it allowed him to relax, be in the moment and to just enjoy the drive.

I was on my way to the airport last Tuesday and remembered his post.  I'm a horrible driver.  Let me rephrase, I drive perfectly well, but I'm an impatient driver which means that normally while driving my jaw is clenched, a litany of curse words are filtering through my brain and sometimes pouring out of my mouth.  So, in think of Wentworth's post, I decided that I would stay in the lane I was in and just let everything go.  

It worked.  After the first few minutes, I calmed down and just enjoyed the drive....then I realized I was so busy just being in the moment and enjoying the drive that I drove right past my exit.  Thanks, a lot, Wentworth.  

Luckily, there are two pretty direct ways to get to BWI from my house.  I realized that I missed the first exit in enough time that I was able to take the second exit.  The second way is normally slower, which is why I don't take it.  By some stroke of luck, on this day, the normal way I go was blocked due to a multi-car accident.  If I had taken that way, I would have missed my plane.  

Funny, huh?


Gina: Getting Ready for the New Year

That title may have a few of you shaking your heads and I can't say I blame you, but bear with me and I'll explain everything.

Last week, I made the decision that I would no longer start my new year on January 1.  You see, that date falls directly in the middle of the worst season of my year...winter.  I think when your psychiatrist says that you're a poster child for Seasonal Affective Disorder - you should probably listen to what that means.

Seasonal Affective Disorder knocks me on my ass during the winter months and to plop this all consuming need to make major New Year type changes to my life at that time, well, that's a recipe for disaster and the definition of failure.  So, last week, I decided no more.  I would turn my calendar to June 1 and I would begin my new year.

Now, I didn't plan to just sit around and not try to make some kind of positive changes in my life before that very arbitrary day in June, but it was a way for me to care for myself, to relieve the guilt of not meeting those resolutions and the feelings of failure. 

My mind was set.

Until I talked to Shellie yesterday.  You see, Shellie and I have, on more than one occasion, discussed that fact that we share a brain.  Now, we're different in many ways, of course; but, there are times when she will tell me over text message that she's beginning to work on something and I'll be in the middle of that very thing myself, or vice versa.  There are also times that I will be typing a reply to her and then have to stop because what I was going to say was exactly what she had just typed.  You get the idea - shared brain.

When I mentioned that I was going to start my new year in June, she replied that I should make it March 1st, the reason being that it is the start of Daylight Savings time; therefore, there will be more light and it will effectively cure this winter issue that ails me.  I thought about that for a minute and decided, like always, "Damn, she's right."  I can track my mood pretty much like clock work around how much light is in my life.  I always said that from November to March was like living through hell.  And this is the exact reason why.

Shellie also mentioned that if we start (because now it's a joint venture) on March 12 (when Daylight Savings time starts), then we would have several months to prepare for "only four months of darkness."  A new phrase was added to our vernacular.  Only Four - that time of the year from November through February that are the hardest months for us due to the lack of light.  Looking at it that way, we can get through "Only Four."

On March 12 - my new year will begin.  I'm working on how best to plan in the new year, writing out the goals I want to achieve in the new year, and generally getting ready for that new year to start.  I'm looking forward to the light and this time of resetting and rejuvenation.

Are you guys affected with the change in light?  How do you overcome it?  I'd love any suggestions you might have.

For now, I'm off to get some work done.  I need to put in my eight hours so I can move the two feet from my work office to my craft room.

Talk to you soon.

Peace and happiness for your day.  Gina

Ode to February

Here is my Ode to February.

Oh February, I'm so glad you're gone.  Peace out.

That's the end of my ode.

People, February was a big fat fail for me as far as most things are concerned but especially in blog land.  I didn't do my challenges.  I didn't post.  I didn't do a whole lot of stuff.  But guess what?  February is over.  OVER!  It's March and things are happening.

In all honestly, I did do my January Yearbook (project life) and I'm looking forward to posting that but the whole month just got away without me and I'm glad I don't have to try and catch up anymore.  I'm just waving goodbye as it flies away.

March.  March is going to be better.  March is ALREADY better.  I've been working on some things.  I am prepping my February Yearbook photos so I can stay on top of that this year.  I spent part of the weekend sewing some bags for my etsy store.  AND - I'm so excited - I've started prepping for my mega huge Disney book about the trip Gina and I took to Orlando last year.  It's going to be huge and I can't wait! 

Lately all the "I'm so behind, I'm not getting enough done" leaves me with such guilt and It's pretty annoying.  My list of things to do is so long, and I WAY underestimate how much time it takes to get things done so I feel the constant nag of disappointment.  So something I'm going to try to work on for the remainder of March is focus.  Focusing on less and getting those done and then letter the "other stuff" happen or not happen - without the guilt.

My focuses include:

1. Staying up to date with my Yearbook.

2. Doing more digital scrapbook layouts.  (I did one yesterday!)

3. My Disney Mega book.

4. Working toward our first product release for the Remember Every Day store - so excited about this!

5. Doing my 2 monthly challenges.

That's it.  Those are the only things that are going to be important to me this month.  The rest is fun and extra and if it happens, it happens.  If not, NO GUILT. 

Thank you for being patient with us during our little ohmygoodnesswhathappenedtoFebruary hiatus.  But that's over. 

Moving on!

Has anyone else had a tough time getting started this year?


Encourage Project 2016: January Monthly Focus - Nurture Self (something new for 2016)

This year we really want to focus on taking care of ourselves, building great new habits and encouraging others.  We see so many of our peers (ourselves included) struggle on a day to day basis with discouragement and depression and feelings of disappointment.  It's something that Gina and discuss on a near daily basis. 

So this year we really want to do what we can to build ourselves and others up.  To show encouragement and support for others - bring people up instead of down.

One of the ways we plan to do this for ourselves (and others) is by focusing on a specific topic each month and using it to enrich our lives.  Each month we will have a new focus and throughout the month, it is our goal to include things that support this focus - ideas and suggestions, inspiration and our own trials and successes.

For January our focus is "Nurture Self".  January is often viewed as the biggest opportunity for a FRESH START of the year (although I'm a strong advocate of making a fresh start whenever you feel you need one).  For this month we want to focus on taking care of ourselves, building new positive and nurturing habits and thought patterns.

We want to focus on nurturing ourselves, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and we look forward to sharing this growth experience with you.  Keep an eye on the blog for more about how we are nurturing ourselves this month.

Let's be amazing this year,


January Monthly Challenges

Hello lovely friends and Happy New Year!

I'm so excited for 2016!  Gina and I have such amazing and positive plans for this new year and we are hoping to make it the best ever.  We are going to be doing a lot of new things around the web site and we are so pleased to be able to share them with you.  You'll see many great things in the coming days.

To start things off, lets announce our January monthly challenges.

1. The Cut Challenge - as always, we want to encourage ourselves to get the most out of our amazing Cameo Silhouette machines.  They are capable of doing such cool things but if we don't make a purposeful decision to use them, they quickly start to gather dust.  So every month in 2016 we will strive to use our machines to create at least one cool project. 

2. What was GREAT about 2015? - The focus of our second challenge is to focus on what was great about 2015.  January is always so focused on the future.  Ending every bad habit, starting new ones, losing weight, etc.  But I also want us to take a moment and create a project (any kind of project) that explores the many good things that happened in 2015.  I know that for many of my friends it really hasn't been the best year ever, but even bad days have good moments.  What was great about your year last year?

Please join us for these challenges.  And if you do decide to join us, let me know so we can enjoy your work and share it here on the blog as well.  Tag me on facebook, instagram or send me an email at  Also comment below with a link to your work.


Shellie: Fall Color Inspiration

This weekend I was working on some things for November for the web site and wanted some fall color inspiration and turned to our trusted friend and enabler of all things, Pinterest.

As I'm sure you know, fall in Florida isn't the same as it is for many of you.  Fall here is basically like summer lite.  A few trees will change, the highs are in the mid 80s instead of the mid 90s.  When you open the door and it's cool in the mornings we get all excited. LOL

The weather doesn't really get "cooler" here until about the 3rd week of October and still... cooler for US is not the same as for everyone else.  I've worn my capri pants on Thanksgiving day on many an occasion.

So unless we're on vacation, fall foliage thing isn't a wonder that we get to experience first hand.  Sadly.  Maybe next year I will plan a trip so I can see some of the beautiful leaves.

But Pinterest was full of inspiration so I thought I'd share the pretty.  I have made a new board if you are looking for fall color inspiration.  Enjoy.