My Word for 2019: Invest

I had a hard time deciding on a word for this year. The word I chose for last year wasn’t right so it didn’t stick with me and that made me have doubts this year when thinking about my word. I like Gina’s word and considered stealing it but today, I took out my planner and finally started writing out what I wanted to accomplish this year. Not like an official set of goals but just what I’d like to do.

Then I went to Ali Edward’s blog and read through the list of words she has on there as examples. I haven’t signed up for her One Little Word class for 2019 because I did sign up in 2018 and didn’t do any of the work. So I’m going to use last year’s prompts for this year so they aren’t wasted. I looked through the list and wrote down the words that I liked and that felt connected with the list of things I wanted to accomplish. Some of my favorites were Cultivate, Choose, Devote, Enjoy, Experiment, Grow, Invest, Intentional, More/Less and Focus.

Next I read through this list again and marked off the ones that just didn’t feel right. I narrowed it down to three, Cultivate, Invest and Grow. Then I looked up their definitions. While I liked them all, I settled on Invest.

Invest: Devotes ones time, effort or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. It was the end, the “expectation of a worthwhile result” is what I really liked and I think what finally settled me on this word. I want to spend more time doing things that will give me a worthwhile result, not on things like watching tv that won’t.

I’m excited to really embrace my word this year. Usually I tend to just pick a word and that’s it. It took me several days just to remember what my word was for last year (action).

One of the things I want to invest more in is this blog and youtube channel. So…

See you soon.