Shop Update! New cut file for interactive "Viewfinder" project to showcase multiple images!

I'm so excited to share the newest updates to the shop this week.

First up is a new cut file that I've had in my head for literally more than a year.  Maybe even 2.  I finally got around to finishing it up this week.  This is an interactive Viewfinder that holds 12 photos and has hidden journaling for all 12 - only revealing one story at a time.

This would be a great project to showcase highlights from a special event or vacation - maybe your twelve favorite shots of the summer or highlights from your cruise. 

The cut files comes with the back piece that holds the images and journaling - I'm calling it the Viewfinder frame.  A template for writing out your journaling in just the right spot and a top "spinning" center piece that fits over the journaling in the center allowing only one photo's journaling to be revealed at a time.  You could attach this to a background 12 x 12 sheet of paper, or leave it free like I did.  I also included a template for use with Photoshop that allows you to place your images on a single page and use the masks on the page to get your photos to the perfect size.  You can then cut these files out and place them on the back of the viewfinder frame. 

Files come in .SVG, .DXF, .PNG and .JPEG format.

I used the cut file to showcase pictures of Gina and I on our trip to Maine this past July.  Check out my next post to see my project and this cut file in action.

This cut file can be found both in the online shop on this web site or in our etsy shop.  If you use it, please share your work with us.  We'd love to see how you used the file for your own memory keeping project.

I hope you enjoy using these files as much as I did. 

Keep creating!


Shellie: Boots 12 x 12 Layout

I've always wanted a pair of rain boots and I've never had any.  I see them in their cute little designs and I want them... then I look at the price and my cheap cheap heart goes... no way! 

So I haven't made it home with rain boots of my own to date. 

But this little girl has had 3 pair that I know of in her young life.  And they're so. freaking. cute.  I mean seriously, one pair was pink and flashed crazy lights when you walked.  But I think these yellow ones are my favorites so far. 

When I cut out this umbrella cut file I remembered the pictures I took of these super cute rain boots and decided I wanted to try and find a way to use them in this layout.  She never stands still so the pictures were all over the place and there were so many.  I had narrowed it down to five but eventually (after much back and forth and back and forth...) settled on these three. 

I pulled out my beloved box o' Felicity Jane papers and embellishments and went to town.  Not all of these embellishments are from my FJ kits but most are. I keep all of the kits in a single box together because one of my favorite thing about them is they pretty much ALL MATCH.  And they're all "my colors" so that's super handy. 

  • The doily, puffy alphas, sequins and all of the papers backing the umbrellas are from FJ.
  • My background paper is from the FJ Note to Self Kit and that yellow strip of hearts at the bottom is actually the back of the branding strip.  It matched so perfectly I couldn't bring myself to cut it off.
  • The journaling circle is from Ali Edwards - WITL 2015 I think.
  • The flair came from Joann in a set. (I love flair.  It never gets old to me.)
  • The quote came from a 12 x 12 paper by Echo Park Paper called Border Strips from the Splendid Sunshine line by Alisha Gordon. 

I did film the making of this layout and hopefully I can figure out the editing portion of the video scenario soon and can post them online. 

I used the newest cut file in our shop, a grouping of umbrellas.  If you like it, please head on over to the shop (link at the top) and grab it.

Talk to you soon!


Shop Update - New Cut File

Hi there!

Just wanted to pop in to let you know that we've added a new cut file set to the RED shop (and etsy store, if you prefer).  This cut file set was inspired by a place that Gina and I visited on our trip to Vegas last year.

In the Encore (Resort and Casino) there is a pair of bars called, Parasols Up and Parasols Down.  One is on the second floor, directly above the other on the first.  Above both are these huge "parasols" that are beautiful and that slowly move up and down.  It's a really lovely spot.

Here are some of the giant parasols going up and down...

I love umbrellas.  It's odd, I know.  I have the most awesome umbrella right now that I got at Disney World last year that has lace and Minnie Mouse on it.  It's so awesome.

Anyway, this cut file set as 6 files in 4 formats each - svg, dxf, jpeg and png.  So you should be able to use them in whatever way you choose, cut files, digital art... you name it.

There are single umbrellas - outlines and solid and one big grouping. 

You can find this set here in our shop (see the menu above) or if you prefer to use Etsy, they are in our shop there as well.

Please, if you use them, we'd love to see your work and possibly feature it on the blog or social media.

PS - we've had our first sale!  How exciting.  *does happy dance*  Okay, I'm calm now.


Our New Shop launch and first item! So excited!

We are so excited to have our first item in the shop.  Gina and I have talked forever about whether or not we wanted our own place to sell the designs that we create.  We agreed that we do, so then we've talked a million times about what we want to include.

We both agree that we don't want to just toss crap online just to try and make money.  We want to sell only the products that we use ourselves and are the best that we can make them.  We hope in time that you'll agree.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be growing our items for sale.  We have ideas about where this will go, but of course anything is possible. 

We've also decided to have both a shop here and an Etsy shop, at least in the beginning.  Not everyone has been to our site or even knows it exists so the Etsy store made sense.  In time there will probably be content that is exclusive to the shop on this site though.  The details have yet to be hashed out there so we are going to just play it by ear.

Our first product is a set of cut files called Fly.  I've wanted to make a hot air balloon layout for awhile.  I just love them and when I saw the pretty diamond patterned paper in my February Felicity Jane kit I knew it would be perfect. 

This kit includes the original hot air balloon file with the title attached as the feature but also includes the set without the title - not everyone wants to use that one word in their layouts, I get that.  It also includes a single balloon, the word Fly by itself and also the templates to cut out the filler or background balloon shapes if you want to back them as I did in my layout.

I've included the files in SVG, DXF, JPEG formats and decided to include them in PNG as well so they could be used for digital layouts as well.

You can find the set on our shop here at the link above and on our Etsy shop.

Our Etsy shop:

If you do purchase and use these files, please show us what you've made with them.  We'd love to show your work here on the site or on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  We don't have a creative team or anything (not necessary with only one product!) so we'd love to see how other use our stuff.

Thanks for your support!  Please don't hesitate to contact one of us with any questions.

GINA: 12x12 Layout: You Gave Me Wings So I Can Fly

Last Saturday, Stew and I were out doing what I would like to call thrifting.  I know it's probably not a verb, but that's what I call it.  During our jaunts, I received a text from Shellie - nothing strange about that, she and I are in pretty much constant contact, but this text was different.  It included the statement that said something along the lines of, "I think i just created our first product," and she sent me a picture.  My exact response to her text cannot be reprinted here - I mean, there was a meme the other day that said something along the lines of "my swear jar could fund the space program", so you can imagine the word that popped into my head.  I was completely blown away, as I always am, by Shellie's talent and I am so happy and proud to be a part of what we are growing here on this website.  There's been much activity lately behind the scenes and a lot more to come and it all is very exciting, but I want to take a pause for a moment and just savor this.  What started as some off handed and half joking texts has morphed into what you see here today and though the past year has been a quiet one, the coming year, most certainly, will not be. 

With all of that being said, it is with great happiness that I share with you the layout that I created using the awesome cut file that Shellie created.

Before I start talking about this layout, let me tell you about the die cut.  With the exception of multiple user errors (make sure your silhouette blade is secured in its housing, that's all I'm going to say about that), this file cut beautifully - I used heavy cardstock settings with a blade depth of 8.  The first time I cut it, the blade depth was set at 3.  I only spent about 15 minutes separating all of the delicate parts before I just cut it again.  I always forget to change that.

The lovely thing about the files you will receive when you buy this item is that you get the file in every configuration you can imagine.  Want the whole file?  It's there.  Want just the balloons?  Yes, that's there, too - provided for you.  No manipulation for you to do.  Want just the title?  Also, there.  Want to print it, that's easy, just open the PDF.  Want to back it with patterned paper, as Shellie did in her example? You won't need to figure out the shape or size of those background papers.  The templates are included in the files you receive.  Believe me, it's all there and on the off chance you want the file in a configuration that we haven't thought of, please, shoot us an email and we will see what we can do about making that happen with our products in the future.  I don't know if you can tell, but I'm just a teensy tiny (okay, a lot) excited about this!  

So now that I've described just how awesome this product is, let me tell you about my project.

This layout is meaningful to me in so many ways.  This time of the year is super difficult for me.  Twelve years ago on April 14th, I lost my mom.  May 2nd is her birthday and then there's the holiday I have come to dread with all that I am: mother's day.  It's one reminder after another of that hole in my life, but as Shellie and I step into this next stage of our dream, it seemed appropriate that my mom be a part of it with us.  

The moment I saw the word "fly" on the cut file, I had an idea for the direction of this layout.  Getting from that idea to what you see in this final piece was not without a lot of tears, but also smiles, too.  Thoughts of my mom give me so much peace and even though she is not here physically, I feel her in every thing that I do and it may seem crazy, but I'm very aware of the signs that she sends to let me know that she's still with me.  I don't think it was a coincidence at all that as I started this layout, Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath my Wings" played on Pandora.  It was the song I dedicated to my mom time and time again, so it made perfect sense.

The photo I used was one I took during my mom's "photo shoot" for her online profile.  My mother hated to have her picture taken, a fact that bothers me to this day since I don't have that many photos of her.  As such, I've scrapped photos from this day more than once and will probably continue to do so.  Public Service Announcement time:  get in the photo, people!  I don't care why you hate being in photos, none of that will matter when the people who love you want to look back and remember - so, get rid of the insecurities or anything else that's holding you back and get yourself in front of the lens from time to time.  Let me assure you, it will be appreciated!  Okay, sorry, that's the end of my soap box about that....

For my layout, I used American Crafts cardstock in white for both my die cut and my background paper.  To give some color to the background and to give a sky appearance, I used a gradient palette of pan pastels and covered the white cardstock.  It was my first time using Pan Pastels.  What was I waiting for? Those things are lovely. 

Some other things I did on the layout:

I layered Prima and Crate Paper papers behind my photo.  I used a method that I picked up from a crafter I've been watching on YouTube lately and loving.  Her name is Cindy Brown.  I think that she is on the design team for just about every product line that I love, so I watch her quite frequently and one of the things that she does, or what it appears to me that she does, is that she picks her layering papers and then randomly cuts them into different sizes.  I did that here.  Additionally, I used a small magnetic craft mat and some magnets to hold my layers while I was deciding on their permanent placement.  It was the easiest way I have found to layer ever.

Once my layers were finished, I realized that everything was looking a bit boxy - so I pulled out some doilies and some Martha Stewart metal tags to give the layout some curves. 

To add some dimension, I used texture paste from Finnabair through a Prima stencil to the bottom, left hand side of the page.  I also used the paste just with a palette knife over the edges of the page to give a cloudy, sky appearance.

For embellishments, I used some gem clusters and glass flowers I've had in my stash as well as a large Prima flower.  I added a fabric bird from Kaisercraft, used the dots from my Thickers to move the eye around the page and adhered some meaningful word stickers. 

I decided my balloons needed some clouds so I pulled out some old alterable fabric die cuts from Studio Calico.  I added about seven in the three different sizes in the "sky" and then embellished some with glass and chunky glitter.  On the others, I added a thick coat of Shimmerz Dazzlers mixed with some mica powder.  I tried to swirl the paste on the clouds to give a fluffy appearance.

I added my title using two different fonts and the layout was complete. 

This one took awhile, but in the end, it is one of my most favorite to date. 

I hope you guys like it and I sincerely hope that you'll head on over to the store and pick up this cut file for yourself.  If you do, please share your project with us.  We'd love to see what you create.

If you'd like to check out the process of making this layout, you can find that link below.

Until next time, Happy National Scrapbooking Day! 










Shellie: "Fly" a 12 x 12 layout from Shellie and exciting news


I'm super excited about this post and the coming weekend.  First it's National Scrapbook Day and I plan to spend as much of it as possible scrapping like mad. 

Second, I have one of my favorite layouts to share with you today.

And finally, the creation of this layout, led to the creation of our very first product for sale and the launch of our online shop!

When I set out to make this layout I wasn't actually trying to create a cut file to sell.  I just wanted to make a beautiful page filled with hot air balloons that I'd been envisioning ever since I saw the diamond print paper that came with the Tuesday kit (February) from Felicity Jane.  It NEEDED to be hot air balloons. 

So I sat down at my computer and a bit later I said to myself... this is it!  This is going to be the first product!  We'd been striving for a while to decide on just where to start and it sort of happened on it's own.  I guess that's just the way it goes.

When I saw the balloons on screen and pictured them filled in with the pretty geometric backgrounds I could picture the photos I wanted to use in my mind.  I remembered a few weeks before when my mother and I were playing with my niece KK and a container of bubbles.  She loved them and kept holding her hands up to try and pop them.  I knew I wanted to use one of those photos and I thought she was wearing pink so it could work.

Once I found them (it took longer than it should have) I couldn't decide which photo to use and decided I wanted to use more than one.  The more I considered I eventually decided to experiment a little with the photos and my silhouette (oh, May challenge anyone??) and cut out the pictures of KK in silhouette (too many silhouettes!)

Once I backed the balloons with the paper and had KK cut out, I added a smaller cut of just the title Fly on top of the first.  It still needed something else and so... of course, out came the dots, sequins and gems. 

I really love the end result and the fun set of 5 cut files that came from it.

The background paper is also from one of my Felicity Jane kits.

This weekend we will be opening our online store (both on this web site and on etsy for the time being).  This hot air balloon cut file will be our first product.  It will come in a set with 5 files.  Look for the official shop announement and details about the cut files on the blog.

Thanks and happy scrapping!


Happy Birthday Remember Every Day!!

Though it passed quietly, this week (May 3rd) was the one year birthday of the web site.  Although it may not appear so on the surface, we've been doing lots behind the scenes and are very excited about something that will be happening in the next few days - we are officially opening our online store with our very first product.  Yay!

Wish us luck!  We are so excited!

See you this weekend for NSD!!  Are you participating?