Shellie: Adventure 2016 - Memories of Maine - 12x12 ROUND layout using new interactive Viewfinder cut file set

I will be honest and admit that when I cut out this latest file, I had absolutely no idea what project I was going to use it for.  I cut it out and and I was so excited about the file and the idea and then I was like.... but what am I going to use it for?  I knew I needed and wanted a project to showcase the new cut file for the shop but how to choose what to use in it?

I seriously considered using photos from our trip to Disney last year and I think I will still make one using those images.  But there are SOOOO many images to choose from that the task just felt daunting.  I remembered I had already started narrowing down some photos that I want to use on a mini book about our most recent Road Trip to Maine so I knew that folder would only have a few (relatively speaking - when compared to 3000 originals)and I decided to go there.  As I progressed through my photo selections I ended up deciding to use only pictures of us.  Either selfie's (we always take the selfie stick with us!) or shots we took of each other. 

There is one picture that doesn't have our faces, only my feet, but technically I am in the picture.  :)  Plus I just really wanted to use it.  The name of our trip written in the sand was kind of a subtitle for the project in my mind. 

Above is the finished project.  It is not attached to a background paper and because of the way the file works, there really isn't a "top".  I used the photo template (I originally made it to make my life easier while working on this project and decided I had to include it in with the cut file!) to print my photos and then I cut them out with scissors.  Using the silhouette just seemed a bit like overkill for just cutting out the pictures so I cut them out, decided in what order I wanted them and just taped those suckers on the back of the template using washi tape. 

Next I placed the journaling template onto my background piece and used a bit of washi to hold it in place. (Washi is handy stuff but I often use it for something other than what it was meant for - you too right?)  Then I did my journaling - just write then spin, write then spin until I had each photo documented.  Finally I simply removed the template and I'm left with all of my journaling in perfect alignment.


Next I took the top "spinner" and placed it on top.  There are tiny center holes in both the front and back pieces that you can use to put your brad into so that they line up perfectly.  I attached the piece and tested it out - I had to see how it worked and it worked beautifully!


Finally I did my embellishing.  Not too much because with so many images, too many embellishments could make it look a little crazy I think.  But I used these number wood veneers that I think came in a December Daily kit and the adventure wood veneer from Heidi Swapp.  I decided to add the little tab as a handle of sorts to make the spinning easier and I love how it turned out. 

There are a few other nautical themed die cuts/stickers that came from a Just Jaimee digital planner sticker kit for August that I bought from the Lily-Pad online store and printed and cut with my silhouette of course.  That's it.  By the time I was finished, this had become a project I loved instead of just one I made to showcase the cut file. 

I'm already planning that second one using Disney pictures - I can picture it in my head and can't wait. 

I hope you enjoy using the file as much as I did.  You can purchase it here on our web site in the shop, or if you prefer, in our etsy store

Keep crafting!


Shellie: 12 x 12 Digital Scrapbook Layout using One Little Bird's #Hangry


I've mentioned previously that I am one of the guest digital creative team members for One Little Bird during the month of May.  One of her new releases were a set of digital brush stamps and journaling cards called #hangry.  These were actually released in physical form in the Kelly Purkey shop a while back and sold out very quickly.  So this month Peppermint released them in digital format in her shop on The Lily Pad store.

These really excited me because right away I spotted a stamp that hit near and dear to my heart.  Or I guess it hit below my heart right in the area of my stomach!  There was a stamp that said Burger Addict.  Um... yes please.  Me!  *raises hand*


This photo was taken on our last night in Las Vegas.  I can't believe it's been a year since we returned from our Vegas trip.  What fun.  I loved that trip.  It felt like a grown up vacation and I haven't had many of those yet. 

This layout was fun to make and there were so many items to use in these kits that coordinate so well together that it was actually hard holding myself back.  I had to delete a few things when I was done because they were just too much.

Besides the #Hangry stamps ( I used it that awesome burger addict stamp to create the piece of flair shown in the layout above) and Journaling cards, I also used items from her Nosh kit and also Prix Fixe kit.  I also used one of her sketch/templates called Flight Plan 28.

I posted this layout on instagram a few days ago and needed to catch up here as well.

Hope you are well and that this burger didn't make you too hungry.  Sorry.


Shellie - November Challenge "Food" - Las Vegas Eats

For my November challenge (food) I decided to use the photos we took of what we ate when Gina and I went to Vegas in May.  On our trips we try to take a picture of all of our meals, whether it's a donut or somewhere fancy.  We did the same on our Disney trip in July.  I think that the only meal we didn't take a picture of was the buffet brunch we had at the Wynn. 
The dining tables and the buffet were so seperate that it didn't occur to us I guess.  I do have some pictures of the flowers they had but none of my food or the buffet tables. 

These pictures are almost in order of consumption except I wanted the "feature" picture to be my favorite meal.  Technically photos 2 and 3 on the bottom row would be reversed it I had these completely chronological.

During the Black Friday sale at The Lily Pad digital store I bought a set of what in my head where page templates.  I loved this layout above and the others are simple and minimalist and I just liked them.  If I'd been paying attention I would have seen that these are not template but pre-designed pages.  The only parts on the original layout I could actually edit was the journaling.  I could insert my photos, change the copy and that's it.  But I didn't want to use the embellishments she'd used on this particular layout because they didn't coordinate with my topic.  Fortunately I was able to remove them using photoshop but that means the other layouts that came in the set are going to be the same and that's disappointing.  (They're still pretty, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't buying what I thought I was in my head.)

But I was able to fix this one easy enough.  Most of the embellishments I used were from One Little Bird.  She's still one of my top favorites when it comes to digital scrapbooking files.  I used two of her digital kits - Nosh and Prix Fixe

Nosh - two phrase paper strips.  Prix Fixe - flair, wood veneer silverware, bon appetite word art

The glitter sprinkle is from Valerie Wibbens in her embellishment set called Sprinkles V34.

My favorite part about scrapbooking and documenting is that as I go back and look through the images I get to experience the memories and moments again.  It's the best part I think and I know that's the point.  But sometimes I forget and it's a nice reminder when I get down into a project... oh yeah, this is the whole point.

Until next time.


Shellie: Disney Travel Journal

Disney Vacation Travel Journal - "as it happens" but not really.  :)

Disney Vacation Travel Journal - "as it happens" but not really.  :)

In July, Gina and I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando to celebrate my 39th birthday.  It was hotter than the blazing fires of hell, but we still had an amazing time.  I lived in Orlando for more than 12 years and even worked there for several of them but this was still one of the best times I've had at the park.

Gina drove down from one of the sites she visits for work and then we road tripped it from my house.  I do live in Florida, but most people just don't realize how long it actually is from one end of Florida to the other.  From where I live to Orlando, it's about a 7.5 hour drive.  (Depending on how fast you drive and how often you have to stop to pee, of course.)

This is what the welcome sign looks like at full speed. :) I love how this picture came out.

This is what the welcome sign looks like at full speed. :) I love how this picture came out.

We arrived about 10:30pm and the very first thing we did was set up our on the road crafting space on the hotel table.  We both brought a crap load of supplies that we had such good intentions of using.  Little did we know.

The crafting spot.

The crafting spot.

See we planned to make little travel journals during our breaks and in the evenings.  And we did... for about half a day.  But then sheer exhaustion kind of killed our plans and our beautiful little crafting area just sat abandoned.

I did a few pages of journaling while I was there.  I may have made it through the first day but maybe not.  The rest of my journaling I did from home.  But I still wanted to make the book so I continued on the same path I'd intended to take while I was there.  I journalled about each day and tucked and clipped in the corresponding photos.  I didn't want a neat and organized book, I wanted it to be very cobbled and clipped together.  Collected.  And I think that in the end it came out as I'd hoped.

I use bit and pieces from a lot of sources and I'm not going to look at each piece to try and determine where they came from.  But for the major pieces I used 3 main sources.

And so it begins...  Notebook by Heidi Swapp and the Sn@p Pack by SN@P.

And so it begins...  Notebook by Heidi Swapp and the Sn@p Pack by SN@P.

The notebook was by Heidi Swapp and I bought it on sale at JoAnn before the trip.  It says Notes on the front in gold lettering but I covered that up.  It turned out to be exactly the right size.  In fact, I think that I only ended up with the back side of the last page blank.  It couldn't have been more perfect. 

I used a Simple Stories Sn@p Pack that was Disney themed and I bought at Michael's.  Most of my stuff came from this.

I also used a few prints and cuts I made using two digital kits.

1. Project Mouse from Sahlin Studio that I purchased at The Lily Pad online store.

2. Dreams Come True from Scott Girl that I purchased at The Digital Press

I used a ton of different clips and after doing the journaling for the entire trip, went back and printed and just clipped a bunch of photos into the book.  It came out fat and jumbled with stuff sticking out on all sides and I love it.  The only thing I don't love is my cover.  It needs something else and I just don't know what that is.  So for now I'm calling it done and moving on.

Gina (left) used YouTube for a quick lesson on how to use chopsticks.  And (right) there was a total tool making a fool of himself in front of the Mexico spot so I covered him with the geotag.

Gina (left) used YouTube for a quick lesson on how to use chopsticks.  And (right) there was a total tool making a fool of himself in front of the Mexico spot so I covered him with the geotag.

Gina and I took literally thousands of photos on this trip and I'm going to do a mega mega Disney trip book with them and so I'm not going to go back and worry about this one any longer. 

Next trip I hope to do better at my on the spot journaling and since we hopefully won't ever do Disney again in July (LOL) then it shouldn't beproblem in the future.  Sorry for the picture overload.

We're back!


We are back from Vegas.  Sadly, we were too busy having fun (or recovering from our fun) to have our "meeting".  So this is how our meeting went:

"Send me your stuff."

"I will.  It's almost ready."

Meeting adjourned.

Haha.  I don't know about Gina, but I took about 930 pictures.  Not all of them are great but I definitely have enough to make fun stuff with.  I was planning to make a mini-album but it's probably going to end up more of a mega album, like my New York one, or possibly even an album all it's own.

I'm excited for all the projects I can make with these.

This experience has also really made me want to get a new camera.  Currently I take 99% of my photos on my iphone.  So I've added "new camera" to my things to buy in the near future list.  It's a long list.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say we were back and say that I'm excited to start getting things posted to this new blog now that our Girl's Only (Long) Weekend trip to Vegas is done.

See you soon!