Encourage Project 2016: January Monthly Focus - Nurture Self (something new for 2016)

This year we really want to focus on taking care of ourselves, building great new habits and encouraging others.  We see so many of our peers (ourselves included) struggle on a day to day basis with discouragement and depression and feelings of disappointment.  It's something that Gina and discuss on a near daily basis. 

So this year we really want to do what we can to build ourselves and others up.  To show encouragement and support for others - bring people up instead of down.

One of the ways we plan to do this for ourselves (and others) is by focusing on a specific topic each month and using it to enrich our lives.  Each month we will have a new focus and throughout the month, it is our goal to include things that support this focus - ideas and suggestions, inspiration and our own trials and successes.

For January our focus is "Nurture Self".  January is often viewed as the biggest opportunity for a FRESH START of the year (although I'm a strong advocate of making a fresh start whenever you feel you need one).  For this month we want to focus on taking care of ourselves, building new positive and nurturing habits and thought patterns.

We want to focus on nurturing ourselves, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and we look forward to sharing this growth experience with you.  Keep an eye on the blog for more about how we are nurturing ourselves this month.

Let's be amazing this year,