Shop Update - New Cut File

Hi there!

Just wanted to pop in to let you know that we've added a new cut file set to the RED shop (and etsy store, if you prefer).  This cut file set was inspired by a place that Gina and I visited on our trip to Vegas last year.

In the Encore (Resort and Casino) there is a pair of bars called, Parasols Up and Parasols Down.  One is on the second floor, directly above the other on the first.  Above both are these huge "parasols" that are beautiful and that slowly move up and down.  It's a really lovely spot.

Here are some of the giant parasols going up and down...

I love umbrellas.  It's odd, I know.  I have the most awesome umbrella right now that I got at Disney World last year that has lace and Minnie Mouse on it.  It's so awesome.

Anyway, this cut file set as 6 files in 4 formats each - svg, dxf, jpeg and png.  So you should be able to use them in whatever way you choose, cut files, digital art... you name it.

There are single umbrellas - outlines and solid and one big grouping. 

You can find this set here in our shop (see the menu above) or if you prefer to use Etsy, they are in our shop there as well.

Please, if you use them, we'd love to see your work and possibly feature it on the blog or social media.

PS - we've had our first sale!  How exciting.  *does happy dance*  Okay, I'm calm now.


Shellie: Hybrid "Celebrate" birthday card


This card I made as part of our April Challenge.  We haven't been keeping up with out challenges very well but I do plan on going back and doing the ones that I missed.

April's challenge was to make 3 cards and give them away.

This card I made for my Sister-in-law, Miranda.  Her birthday was May 21st.  She did not get this card because I'm AWFUL at sending cards on time.  It's something I REALLY want to work on because really it's a bad habit I need to break.  But my entire family is getting together on the 28th to celebrate my mom's and my aunt's birthday so I'm going to give it to Miranda then. (I forgot again.  So it's going in the mail.)

I have always loved this cupcake image from one of the One Little Bird digital kits from a year, maybe two years ago.  I downloaded the file this month and used it to make this hybrid card. 

First I inserted several elements from the kit into Adobe Illustrator (importing them into Silhouette would work also).  In this case I did the cupcake (I duplicated it and made several sizes because I wasn't sure which size would look best on the card.), a couple of the hand written greetings and this plaid background paper because I loved the colors and how they matched the cupcake.

I did a live trace for the words and cupcakes and with a tiny bit of tweaking created an offset path so I could cut out the files and leave a little bit of a white border around the elements then I printed them and cut them out using my Silhouette.  It worked BEAUTIFULLY.


In fact, it worked so well that the part that took me the longest was deciding where to place the two background tags.  I must have moved those two little rectangles of paper about a million times.  But I finally settled on a spot.  A little sprinkle of sequins and this super cute card was finished.

I really enjoyed using the hybrid method and my digital stash to create this card and think I may do a lot of this in the future.  My digital scrap stash is huge and so much of it has gone unused and I think this would be an awesome way to get more out of those files. 

And Happy Birthday, Miranda.


Shellie: Digital Scrapbook layout using One Little Bird Milestones

This is another layout I did for the One Little Bird creative team guest spot this month.  I chose the Milestones kit because I thought it would be a great kit to use now and also again and again with my new little nieces.  Currently I have an almost 2 and also an almost 1 year old.  Their birthdays are both in July.  I also have a 3rd new niece that will be arriving in September and it's been such a blessing having the little burst of baby girls in our family. 

I also have a niece and nephew who are teenagers and this isn't to detract from them.  They are awesome and I love them very much.  But it's such a new burst of baby love in our family and it's just so amazing.  You don't really know what you've been missing until you have it and it's such a treasure.  The little hands and feet and perfect little faces.  It doesn't look like I'll be having any of my own as I'm still single and my time is running out, so I'm so pleased to get to experience these little ones in my family.  (And hey, I don't have to do the dirty diapers!)

This is KK.  Her mother rides horses and they own a few so she's been around them since she was born.  This isn't the first picture of her on one but this is the first where she's really sitting up there on her own like a big girl.  The sky was so beautiful and she was so beautiful and it was just the best photo. 

I wanted to carry through the sunshine with the yellow and the feel of being outdoors with the blowing leaves.  The journaling is a bit stream of consciousness but from the heart.  I do love this sweet girl.

You can find the One Little Bird Milestones kit in her store on The Lily Pad web site.

Happy Monday and I hope you all have a great week!











Shellie: 12 x 12 Digital Scrapbook Layout using One Little Bird's #Hangry


I've mentioned previously that I am one of the guest digital creative team members for One Little Bird during the month of May.  One of her new releases were a set of digital brush stamps and journaling cards called #hangry.  These were actually released in physical form in the Kelly Purkey shop a while back and sold out very quickly.  So this month Peppermint released them in digital format in her shop on The Lily Pad store.

These really excited me because right away I spotted a stamp that hit near and dear to my heart.  Or I guess it hit below my heart right in the area of my stomach!  There was a stamp that said Burger Addict.  Um... yes please.  Me!  *raises hand*


This photo was taken on our last night in Las Vegas.  I can't believe it's been a year since we returned from our Vegas trip.  What fun.  I loved that trip.  It felt like a grown up vacation and I haven't had many of those yet. 

This layout was fun to make and there were so many items to use in these kits that coordinate so well together that it was actually hard holding myself back.  I had to delete a few things when I was done because they were just too much.

Besides the #Hangry stamps ( I used it that awesome burger addict stamp to create the piece of flair shown in the layout above) and Journaling cards, I also used items from her Nosh kit and also Prix Fixe kit.  I also used one of her sketch/templates called Flight Plan 28.

I posted this layout on instagram a few days ago and needed to catch up here as well.

Hope you are well and that this burger didn't make you too hungry.  Sorry.


Our New Shop launch and first item! So excited!

We are so excited to have our first item in the shop.  Gina and I have talked forever about whether or not we wanted our own place to sell the designs that we create.  We agreed that we do, so then we've talked a million times about what we want to include.

We both agree that we don't want to just toss crap online just to try and make money.  We want to sell only the products that we use ourselves and are the best that we can make them.  We hope in time that you'll agree.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be growing our items for sale.  We have ideas about where this will go, but of course anything is possible. 

We've also decided to have both a shop here and an Etsy shop, at least in the beginning.  Not everyone has been to our site or even knows it exists so the Etsy store made sense.  In time there will probably be content that is exclusive to the shop on this site though.  The details have yet to be hashed out there so we are going to just play it by ear.

Our first product is a set of cut files called Fly.  I've wanted to make a hot air balloon layout for awhile.  I just love them and when I saw the pretty diamond patterned paper in my February Felicity Jane kit I knew it would be perfect. 

This kit includes the original hot air balloon file with the title attached as the feature but also includes the set without the title - not everyone wants to use that one word in their layouts, I get that.  It also includes a single balloon, the word Fly by itself and also the templates to cut out the filler or background balloon shapes if you want to back them as I did in my layout.

I've included the files in SVG, DXF, JPEG formats and decided to include them in PNG as well so they could be used for digital layouts as well.

You can find the set on our shop here at the link above and on our Etsy shop.

Our Etsy shop:

If you do purchase and use these files, please show us what you've made with them.  We'd love to show your work here on the site or on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  We don't have a creative team or anything (not necessary with only one product!) so we'd love to see how other use our stuff.

Thanks for your support!  Please don't hesitate to contact one of us with any questions.

Shellie: Character Study - Digital Layout featuring One Little Bird

(LOOK! That's me there in the footer! Heee! Okay, I'm done. I just had to squee a tiny bit. I'm so excited!)

(LOOK! That's me there in the footer! Heee! Okay, I'm done. I just had to squee a tiny bit. I'm so excited!)

I'm super pumped that this month I get to participate as one of the guest digital creative team members for One Little Bird.  OLB has been one of my very favorite digital creative sources for a very long time.  This year I applied to be a part of her CT and while I didn't make the year long team, I was still so pleased that I was invited to be a guest for the month of May.

This weekend at The Lilypad they have released their BYOC (Build Your Own Collection) line and OLB has a new and beautiful kit called Character Study.  (It's on sale this weekend for 30% off for the NSD celebration through May 9th.)

This was my project I completed with this new product line. 

Doing this journaling really made me think and I really loved working with this kit.

(Just a little secret... I made this layout FOUR ways.  I couldn't decide.  It took me probably 20 minutes to decide which one to submit.  Shhh, don't tell!)

Thanks again, Peppermint, for letting me play along this month!


Shellie: Digital Scrapbook Layout using Luna digital kit by One Little Bird.

When One Little Bird released the Luna kit on The Lilypad web site I knew immediately that I’d have it. I love her style and usually buy just about everything she releases.  This kit was no exception.  Especially with two little nieces and so many cute pictures of them sleeping.  They’re so sweet when they’re sleeping. 

Just this week KK fell asleep in my mother’s arms (after running around like a wild child which is her “normal” at the moment) and I snapped a few pictures.  The next night I made this layout with those pictures.

I’m really bad at spending a ton of time digging through thousands of bits of digital items.  I do this when I’m doing paper projects as well.  One thing I’m trying to do better this year is use kits - either kits I’ve purchased or kits I make specifically for a project - and sticking to it.

For this layout I used a template from the Stitched Grids Templates Vol. 5 by Scotty Girl Design. I bought it recently and wanted to give it a try.  I’m a very ALL THE THINGS MUST BE LINED UP NEATLY kind of designer.  I make an effort to break out of this shell when I can but I loved this template, and the set it came in, because of all the pretty boxes lined up so neatly.

Everything else came directly from the Luna kit.

It’s simple and sweet and I love adding this to my collection.

Looking forward to lots more digital layouts this year.

Until next time!

Shellie: January Challenge - Best of 2015

When considering challenge ideas for the year, I didn't want to go the obvious direction where January was concerned.  I didn't want to do goals or resolutions.  Instead I decided to go the other way and reflect on what was good about 2015.

This ended up being a fun but challenging project for me.  It was fun looking back through the year and selecting what were my favorite moments.  It was hard - specifically when choosing photos to represent my two trips - narrowing the photos down to only a few.  There were so many great memories to choose from.  I also tend to avoid using photos of myself and I couldn't do that here.  This is something I want to work harder at in 2016.

This year I went with the following from left to right then top to bottom as my best moments.

  • My trip to Las Vegas with Gina in May.

  • My trip to Disney with Gina in July.

  • The spinning retreat I attended in Destin in January. (I go again in just 2 weeks!)

  • The birth of my niece, Selah in July.

  • My other new niece, Kaydence, turning one also in July.

  • Having the entire family together at the church where we all grew up in October.

I used a collection of various digital products.  I just knew when I started I wanted the background to be black and white.  I've lowered the opacity to make it less harsh.  I meant to use a bunch of different kinds of frames but using the multiple images from my trips sent me looking for photo strips and I ended up using 3.

So challenge #1 for January is done for me.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do for my cut challenge but I need to get on it. 

Until next time!


Shellie - Digital Scrapbook page - "Let's Eat (Chipotle)"

Chipotle - how my heart longs for thee.  Or perhaps, it's my stomach. 

This digital scrapbook page is one that I made in July and for some reason, it never made it onto the blog.  I used the Nosh digital kit from One Little Bird and the subject is one of my favorite topics in the whole world.  I'm pretty sure that every person I've ever met knows howmuch I love Chipotle and how much I miss it, since we don't have one here in Pensacola.

This gem was introduced to me when I lived in Orlando and is honestly one of the few things I miss about Orlando.  Disney, Chipotle and a short list of friends.  That's it.  The closest one we have to Pensacola is in Destin and I've made the hour and a half trip on several occasions. 

I loved this paper because it reminded me of the paper bags that Chipotle gives their to go orders in.  I decided to go with and 8.5 x 11 size for that reason also - resemblance to the bag shape.  I didn't go too overboard with the embellishments - just a few word strips, a date label and a vellum tag and receipt tucked under the edge of the photo.  The washi actually didn't come from this kit.

This photo was taken July 5th when my friend Amy and I made the drive over for lunch and followed up with some accessory shopping at Charming Charlie since the restaurant is located at the Destin Commons shopping center.

I'm getting hungry just looking at this post.  LOL

Shellie - November Challenge "Food" - Las Vegas Eats

For my November challenge (food) I decided to use the photos we took of what we ate when Gina and I went to Vegas in May.  On our trips we try to take a picture of all of our meals, whether it's a donut or somewhere fancy.  We did the same on our Disney trip in July.  I think that the only meal we didn't take a picture of was the buffet brunch we had at the Wynn. 
The dining tables and the buffet were so seperate that it didn't occur to us I guess.  I do have some pictures of the flowers they had but none of my food or the buffet tables. 

These pictures are almost in order of consumption except I wanted the "feature" picture to be my favorite meal.  Technically photos 2 and 3 on the bottom row would be reversed it I had these completely chronological.

During the Black Friday sale at The Lily Pad digital store I bought a set of what in my head where page templates.  I loved this layout above and the others are simple and minimalist and I just liked them.  If I'd been paying attention I would have seen that these are not template but pre-designed pages.  The only parts on the original layout I could actually edit was the journaling.  I could insert my photos, change the copy and that's it.  But I didn't want to use the embellishments she'd used on this particular layout because they didn't coordinate with my topic.  Fortunately I was able to remove them using photoshop but that means the other layouts that came in the set are going to be the same and that's disappointing.  (They're still pretty, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't buying what I thought I was in my head.)

But I was able to fix this one easy enough.  Most of the embellishments I used were from One Little Bird.  She's still one of my top favorites when it comes to digital scrapbooking files.  I used two of her digital kits - Nosh and Prix Fixe

Nosh - two phrase paper strips.  Prix Fixe - flair, wood veneer silverware, bon appetite word art

The glitter sprinkle is from Valerie Wibbens in her embellishment set called Sprinkles V34.

My favorite part about scrapbooking and documenting is that as I go back and look through the images I get to experience the memories and moments again.  It's the best part I think and I know that's the point.  But sometimes I forget and it's a nice reminder when I get down into a project... oh yeah, this is the whole point.

Until next time.