Looking forward to 2018

This year has been a real struggle in certain aspects. Wonderful things have happened. Some not as wonderful.  There’s been so much confusion as far as this blog is concerned.  

I think we’ve finally figured out the path forward and I look forward to moving toward those goals in early 2018.  

My home is in the very final stages of completion. Like I’m hoping for next week as a final completion goal. I think I counted 6 things to complete.  Unfortunately my entire family has been hit hard with the flu or something so we haven’t been able to finish as quickly as we’d hoped. It’s been frustrating and emotionally exhausting. But we are so close. Then I’ll have space to create again. I just can’t express how much I want and need my creative space back.  

So if all goes well I should be able to get things going again here.   Please, Jesus, can things go well?

Back soon, 


Plot Twist!

So... there was a drastic change in plans since we last spoke. 

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, our vacation plans had to be postponed.  It was sad, true, but I just keep reminding myself how freaking hot it is outside and telling myself to be thankful. 

Gina is crazy busy at work right now and it just wouldn't have been a smart decision to try to do vacation with all that on her plate.  Plus, I'm going to I had to stay home and put up trusses on my little house.  That was interesting.  Let me tell you, I had no idea how wimpy I was until I started having to work on this house.  I mean I'm getting better, but there are things you just assume you can do and that is not always the case.  LOL

In more fun news, last week it was birthday central around here.  Three birthdays in one week!

In the past 3 years our family has grown by four.  Both of my brothers had 2 babies apiece.  The first of them turned 3 this past on the 22nd and the second turned 2 on the 14th!  My birthday is smack in the middle on the 19th so it was a fun week for sure.  Two parties for them and a dinner with friends for myself.  My co-workers are so sweet and made me feel truly special on the day as well.

Here are my nieces with their cakes.  2 year old on the left. 3 year old on the right.



Travel Planning: Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philly

This year, because we are being more budget conscious (new house!), we are doing a "staycation" of sorts.  I'm not staycationing, but Gina is.  I'm flying up to spend a week with her at the end of this month and we'll only be going to places that are within driving distance of her home.

I've never been to Washington D.C. and I've been wanting to for a while, so we are going to spend a couple of days exploring our great Nation's history by visiting memorials and museums.  It's going to be hot but we will try to spend as much time indoors as possible.

I have been to Philly a couple of times but never for sightseeing - only for a Color Run and a Justin Timberlake concert.  So we are going to continue our tour by seeing the sights for a day in Philly too.  And we are having cheesesteak because yum.  LOL

We also will have a few "chill out at Gina's" days which we love to do.  We always end up having a movie marathon mode (which is the only way Gina ever sees any movies - just joking - but not really).  I need to make a list of movie options for this trip.  Hmmm.  What's out on DVD that's good?

I tend to be the trip planner.  This is a surprise to me because I was never like this before.  I was always a kind of roamer.  But since our first major trip together to Las Vegas I've really be into the planning.  I don't schedule our days step by step, but I like to come up with a list of options that we can discuss and choose from so we aren't sitting in the car going - "what do you want to do?  I don't know, what do you want to do?" because let's be real, that's EXACTLY what we'd be doing. 

If anyone out there has some recommendations for places we just have to visit (or eat at) in either D.C. or Philly, please drop in a comment and let us know.  Any help we can get would be awesome! 

I'll let you know how the planning goes once I get more into it. 

Talk to you soon!


Shellie's Little House - Part 1

I've embarked on a new personal adventure that I'm very excited about.  I'm building my first home.  I've always been a renter - whether it be an apartment or a home, I've never owned a home of my own.  That's changing now.

That's the spot!  Day 1.

That's the spot!  Day 1.

Me and my parents are building a little house on the back of their property for me and McGee.  I can't call it a tiny home because technically a house has to be 450 square feet or smaller for it to be called a "tiny home."  Mine will be 750 square foot so I'm calling it the Little House. 

I know that it's small.  But I'm single and tend to be messy, so I think that 750 sq. ft. will be just enough for me and the pup and will be less for me to mess up and have to clean! 

My very own portable toilet.  Yes, I'm documenting it all.  :)

My very own portable toilet.  Yes, I'm documenting it all.  :)

We are doing a lot of the work ourselves so it's moving along at a slow but steady pace.  I've picked an arbitrary date to call move in date and I'm starting the count down today - I'm calling it 12 weeks.  I'm hoping this is reasonably close to the truth.  And even if it's not, it's better than not having an end date. 



In the meantime I'm living in my parent's guest bedroom and I have crammed so much stuff in there that it's always a mess and stressful.  This is where the 12 week countdown comes in.  It's only 12 weeks.  I can deal with the cramped space for 12 more weeks.  No problem.

I'm also getting to the exciting part where I get to start choosing what I want things to look like.  I'm working on a fairly strict budget so I can't be fancy or anything.  This isn't a no expense spared dream home, it's my first home (that I plan to live in a long time) and I really want to spend my money on other things, like travel, than I do on where I live.  So I'm going for cute and budget friendly.  Sometimes you have to think about what's important and choose accordingly.

I've been documenting the process as I go and I am going to make a book at the end that shows it beginning to end.  Currently we have all the walls up and just have to do some finishing up on hurricane straps etc.  The trusses are coming on Friday.  I can't wait until the roof is on.  It's SO HOT out there now.  It will still be hot under the roof, but it'll be shaded. 

I've learned that I'm a lot wimpier than I thought I was.  But I'm not afraid of power tools.

I am going to try to work on my instagramming.  I think that I post far more often than I actually do but I'm going to make a better effort there and will be adding house updates as we progress.

I'll let you know how things go!


More topics. More adventures. More life.

adventure awaits.jpg

Hello friends,

After many long discussions about our lives and the blog and our lack of activity and how to do more and if we even wanted to, Gina and I have come to the conclusion that yes, we would like to continue the blog, however we'd like it to encompass more than just our scrapbooking type activities.  Both of us still believe strongly in documenting life's everyday adventures but how we do that documenting is changing over time.  Instead of using this blog to showcase those projects, we would like to use it to actually be a method of documenting in itself.  We have so many more interests and things happening in our lives that we'd like a place to discuss.

We aren't trying to be your go to place for fashion or make up tips, or what have you.  That's just not who we are.  We just want to talk about what we like.  Where we go.  What we're doing.  If it works.  If we like it.  If we hate it.

There will still be scrapbooking topics I'm certain.  I know that I am still interesting in doing that style of documenting.  But I am also a knitter, a sewer, an art journaler.  There are other new things I want to explore and discuss.  I know you get my drift.

So that's the direction we are currently heading in.  We will keep a link up to our previous scrapbooking content - just check out the main navigation. 

We understand if this direction is something you aren't interested in and we wish you luck on your own personal endeavors.  We'll see you around either here, or somewhere else, I'm sure.

Let the adventures begin.

Love ya,