Looking forward to 2018

This year has been a real struggle in certain aspects. Wonderful things have happened. Some not as wonderful.  There’s been so much confusion as far as this blog is concerned.  

I think we’ve finally figured out the path forward and I look forward to moving toward those goals in early 2018.  

My home is in the very final stages of completion. Like I’m hoping for next week as a final completion goal. I think I counted 6 things to complete.  Unfortunately my entire family has been hit hard with the flu or something so we haven’t been able to finish as quickly as we’d hoped. It’s been frustrating and emotionally exhausting. But we are so close. Then I’ll have space to create again. I just can’t express how much I want and need my creative space back.  

So if all goes well I should be able to get things going again here.   Please, Jesus, can things go well?

Back soon,