More topics. More adventures. More life.

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Hello friends,

After many long discussions about our lives and the blog and our lack of activity and how to do more and if we even wanted to, Gina and I have come to the conclusion that yes, we would like to continue the blog, however we'd like it to encompass more than just our scrapbooking type activities.  Both of us still believe strongly in documenting life's everyday adventures but how we do that documenting is changing over time.  Instead of using this blog to showcase those projects, we would like to use it to actually be a method of documenting in itself.  We have so many more interests and things happening in our lives that we'd like a place to discuss.

We aren't trying to be your go to place for fashion or make up tips, or what have you.  That's just not who we are.  We just want to talk about what we like.  Where we go.  What we're doing.  If it works.  If we like it.  If we hate it.

There will still be scrapbooking topics I'm certain.  I know that I am still interesting in doing that style of documenting.  But I am also a knitter, a sewer, an art journaler.  There are other new things I want to explore and discuss.  I know you get my drift.

So that's the direction we are currently heading in.  We will keep a link up to our previous scrapbooking content - just check out the main navigation. 

We understand if this direction is something you aren't interested in and we wish you luck on your own personal endeavors.  We'll see you around either here, or somewhere else, I'm sure.

Let the adventures begin.

Love ya,