Shellie: Okay...alright...confession time.

So I did some big talking.  I was going to jump in with both feet on the FitGirl challenge and it was going to be awesome.  I meant it.  I really did.  But since lying here would make this whole experience pretty pointless I'm going to tell the truth.  I totally failed.  I'm not proud but that's the reality.  I failed and right away.

I know that there are a million excuses and probably what I'm saying here is just that.  Whatcha gonna do?

I pulled out my Fitgirl book and read it cover to cover.  It has some good information in it although the "fluff" in there can be a bit overwhelming.  They can take one sentence and turn it into a page and a half and add in some random photos of puppies and unicorns and mermaids.  I'm not joking.  But the one sentence is still a good sentence so I'm not hating on this program.

I bought the food on my grocery list and did my meal prep for the first week.  This was part one of my issue.  Because of some stupidness at my house and with my landlord, I don't have any gas to run my stove at the moment.  There's possibly a leak so the tank has to be tested and that's taking way longer than it should.  Anyway.  I am doing all of my cooking with a toaster oven and a stand alone plug in skillet and a microwave.  So everything takes about 10 times as long and it made meal prep long and painful.  But I did it.

Week one I had my breakfasts and my lunches and a few of my dinners as I should.  I had to do another session of meal prep on Wednesday so again with the pain.

Then it came time for week 2 and it was all about the Kale and Quinoa and pumpkin lasagna and it just left me with a big batch of eh.  I know that those things are good for you.  And maybe I should eat them but facts are facts and I don't.  And what I want out of a healthy eating regimen is something I can stick to for the rest of my life.  Kale is not that.  And what in the ever lovin' heck is a quinoa??  So I was bitter.  And didn't shop.  Which makes prepping for a week's worth of meals... well..... impossible.

So I didn't have food for week 2 and all the good intentions came to a screeching halt.

Did I mention that I didn't do a single exercise during week one?  sigh. 


However, I'm not giving up.  I'm working on a plan now on how to adapt this program to work in my life and I'll post about it soon.

Thanks for sticking through this awful post of not winning.  LOLWish me luck.

How are your new year resolutions about health and fitness going?  Please share!!

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