Gina: The Half Year Mark

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This post could have easily been titled..."All of those resolutions I haven't started."

It seems as the holiday season comes to an end and we look forward to a new year, we think of all of the things that we want to be different in our lives, all the changes we want to make, over the 365 days before us.  It seems as though with the changing of the year on the calendar, we feel as though we get a fresh start.

The truth is, every second of our lives that go by, each moment when we look forward, we have a chance to take a breath and start again.  So, as we head into the final days of the first six months of this year, it's time for me to reflect on all of those huge goals I had when the calendar changed and think about what goals I want to set as we move into the latter part of this year.  

This time, I'm going to make it doable.  I'm going to make it realistic. I'm going to make it objective.  I'm going to make it quantifiable.  It's not, "oh, I want to lose weight."  Nope, it's as simple as this one statement:

On December 31, 2016, I'm going to ring in 2017 weighing 170 pounds.  

So that's the goal, but you can't make a goal and leave it at have to set the plan, as well and that's what this post is all about.  As you read in the previous post, we'll be starting the RED weight loss challenge on July 1st and I just want to make clear that posts that start with my name are my thoughts, my opinions, my sharing with you.....Shellie and I don't agree on everything - and so I want you to know that what follows here are my thoughts as we move toward the next six months of the year....

Please, listen to me when I say this...yes, being healthy is the ultimate goal and I have had periods of time in my life when I've said, I'm not going to focus on losing weight - I'm going to focus on being healthy.  Well, my friends, that just doesn't work for me.  In order for me to be healthy, I need to change my relationship with food, my relationship with exercise and in some ways, my relationship with myself; but, the quantifiable goal in all of that is, at its very core, is weighing less tomorrow than I do today.  

We'll be moving toward health, but first we need to move toward lowering that number on the scale and I know what you're saying, it can't only be about that number, and you're right.  There are so many factors that you must consider when you think about the number and there are so many non-scale victories that you can celebrate on this journey, but I'm going to be very frank with you here, and if you're like me and you've tried to walk this path toward health so many times in the past, you know that everything besides that number is lip service.  

Yes, believe me...

I'm going to celebrate with you when you fit into a size 20 and not a size 22.  

I'm going to celebrate with you when you can walk up the steps without feeling as though you're going to die.  

I'm going to celebrate with you when you can walk around in the summer, in your bathing suit and not feel as though you're the biggest thing on the beach.  

I'm going to celebrate with you when you say no to that third brownie.  

I'm going to celebrate with you when you go to put on your tights and you don't feel like you're stuffing sausage.  

I'm going to celebrate with you when you can paint your toenails without feeling like a circus acrobat because you're gut is in the way.  

I'm going to celebrate with you when your kids ask you to run around and play with them and you can mostly keep up with them.  I say mostly because let's be real, there isn't a one of us that have the energy of a five year old.

I'm going to celebrate with you when you fit in your airplane seat and don't need an extender belt.

I'm going to celebrate with you when you can go on any amusement park ride you want without having to worry if you're going to fit.

I'm going to celebrate with you when you can shave your legs in a tiny cubicle shower at your hotel without having it be like an Olympic event.

I'm going to celebrate with you when you look in the mirror and see yourself becoming the healthy person that has been hiding inside you.

I will be there to celebrate all of these things with you because I'm going to celebrate each of those milestones for myself.

But the bottom line in all of that - is this:  the number one factor we look at when we are trying to lose weight is the scale.  I've read all of the books and the blogs and everything else that says that you need to ignore that number, but hey, you've been there.  That's all fluff.  It's that "we're all winner" mentality that seems to be permeating everywhere today that drives me insane.  We know ourselves, we know we focus on that damn number above all else and if we ignore that and try to tell ourselves that all of those moments I outlined above mean more, we're lying to ourselves, at least, I know I am.

Another thing I want to say because I think it's important for you to know is this:  I do think you can be happy with yourself at any size, I don't buy into the thinking though, that you're healthy at any size.  I'm sorry, I just don't believe that.  I've seen too many x-rays and read too many medical records to believe for a minute that carrying around 100 extra pounds is healthy.  If that opinion bothers you, then I hope you'll just bypass my posts on the subject of weight loss.  Believe me, I'll never mention it again.  It's not something that I'll harp on, but I thought it was important to make sure that I'm completely transparent in my opinions on this so that you know ahead of time and can make a personal decision if you want to read further.

I look forward to taking this journey and hope that you'll join us.  You can expect: blog posts; a dedicated Facebook group; group accountability; encouragement; support; camaraderie; and for those interested, there will be a money buy in and a monetary reward for the person that losing the biggest percentage of weight.

We're excited!  I hope you can tell!

(Here's my disclaimer, folks:  I'm in no way a medical professional with the training it takes to be an expert on weight loss and healthy living.  I don't profess to be and anything I say here is for the sake of trying to motivate myself (and hopefully, in the process, motivate you) to lose weight.  Everything express here, unless it is otherwise credited are my own thoughts and opinions.  You may not agree with what I say.  You may have lost weight using a different mind set than I have - and if you have, I think that's awesome, but what I share here is me.  Open and honest, me.  Use the words however they are best suited for you.)