2016 RED Weight Loss Challenge

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Was losing weight and being healthy on your list of 2016 resolutions.  I think that one goal has been on Shellie and my goal list every year since....well, let's just say it's been on there for awhile and you know something, we're both pretty tired of seeing it there.  Are you tired of seeing it on your list, too?  If you are, then we hope you'll read ahead....

We decided that it's time that we move losing weight from "to do" to "done".  Stew and I dubbed 2016: "get sexy 16" and while he's done great with it (see a post later this week about his journey), I have not.  Losing weight is something that Shellie and I discuss several times a week and we both agree that it's time that we move that goal from "to do" to "done."

One of the ways we thought would help us stay on track is to share our journey with you, but we know that a lot of our community have the same goal and so we wanted to take it a step further than that.  We didn't want to just tell you what we're doing, we want you to join us on this path.  As we close in on the midpoint of the year, there's no better time to start than now and so it's with that in mind that we will be launching the RED Weight Loss Challenge.

Here's what you can expect:

*A variety of blog posts, including, but not limited to: weekly status updates; victories and defeats; challenges; encouraging quotes; recipe shares; links to articles we found interesting or motivating
* A dedicated Facebook group where we can interact and share all of those things mentioned above and more in an encouraging, supportive, non-judgmental environment.
*Group accountability
*For those interested, a money buy in which will lead to a monetary reward for the person that lost the biggest percentage of weight

Details on how you can be a part of this special journey will be released over the next week and we'll plan to start July 1st.  Nope, not July 5th - let's get through that first holiday gathering while our motivation is at its highest!!

We both hope that you'll join us in taking this journey to achieve this goal for yourself.


Gina: The Half Year Mark

Shellie: Okay...alright...confession time.