Gina: The Devil is in the Details

So here they are, the details of our weight loss challenge and let me just give credit where it is due, I completely stole these requirements from Stew's friend Bill.  You see in January, Bill put together a weight loss challenge.  It was a $25 buy in and there were about 15 people who joined in.  The challenge started on January 4, 2016 and ended on Memorial Day.  Over that period of time, Stew lost 50 pounds and won the challenge.  He has a check coming in the mail with his winnings and let me tell you, I'm typically a what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine kind of person (no worries about Stew, he's the one who made me a spoiled brat.) - but with this money, he so earned it and I really hope that for once, he'll actually take that money and do something for himself.  He probably won't - but one can hope.  I told him he should buy new clothes.  He said he's not done yet, so the close can wait.

If you don't want to participate in the part of the challenge which has a monetary reward, that's not a problem, we still want you to participate.  There will still be chances for you to win things.  You will receive the same support and content that everyone will, only thing is, when we close this challenge on December 15th, you won't be eligible for the monetary reward.  If that's the case for you, we want you to know just a few things, then you can ignore the rest of this post (after you join the Facebook group, of course!):

The official challenge starts on July 1.
The challenge will end on December 16th.  I'm not a complete monster, we're not going to have the final official weigh in after the holidays!
The Facebook group is ready, come join us here:

Anyway....for those participating in the chance for the monetary reward (because who doesn't want to have money for new clothes after they shed these pounds), I'm completely stealing these requirements from Bill.  Here they are:

  1. To participate in this portion of the challenge will be $20.  I don't want it to be cost prohibitive, but I do want to make sure that we have a nice reward for the winner.
  2. 90% of the buy in money will be awarded to the person who loses the greatest percentage of weight.  10% will go to the second place winner.
  3. How to contribute your $20 will be released shortly.  No money will be sent directly to me.
  4. Weigh In Days will be on Fridays (gives us enough time to recover from the weekend and get back on board if we slip, I think).
  5. The first official weigh in will be July 1, 2016.
  6. For the first official weigh in to be valid, you must send me a before picture of yourself and a picture of your weight on your scale.  Both pictures must include something that will verify the date the photo was taken.  Most people use a newspaper, or if you don't have access to a newspaper - just something that will verify that the photo was taken on or around July 1st.  Your photos will be sent to me directly, but will not be shared.  Since there is money involved, we have to validate the results and this is the best way to do that.
  7. The final photo will have the same requirements as the first one.  The photos must be able to be date verified.
  8. I will be sharing my before and after photos in the Facebook group - since you must share yours with me, I think it's only fair that I do the same.
  9. As stated above, the final weigh in will be December 16.
  10. Each week on Friday, you must send me an email with a picture of your scale showing your current weight.  (Don't stress if for some reason you can't get to a scale on a Friday.  As long as I have a check in from you weekly, we're all good.  Please just email if there will be a reason why that won't be possible.)
  11. Please remember that we're all in this together.  Your personal photos and numbers will not be shared by me anywhere.  I'm only collecting this information to verify the results.  This is a non-judgemental group.  We're all going to have ups and downs.  That's just the way it is.  Don't get discouraged if your weight goes up.  Just try for better the next week.  If this was easy, none of us would need this challenge.
  12. Weight loss will be calculated as percentage lost from beginning weight.  Stew will be doing that math, blinded, of course, because I can't do math to save my life.  Use it or lose it, they say and it's true.  The most math I'm able to do is to make sure that drug accountability on my trials is accurate and really, what else do I need?

I think that's it for the rules.  As I said, I'll be releasing the process for sending money in the next few days.  I encourage you to join the Facebook group as we will be sharing a lot of stuff over there.

It's a well known fact that when people have accountability partners and a support group more weight is lost and the weight lost is sustained.

Are you ready to take the challenge?  I know I am.  I'm excited.  Let's all get excited about being healthier!


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