Shellie: Purge-a-thon the continuing saga

So it's been a couple weeks since I wrote my original post. And I am happy to say that I have had great success with portions of this plan. I took my list and I started in the kitchen and I did when I was supposed to do.  

Having the list really helped because as you know sometimes you don't see the things that are there because you're so used to them.  I think that without the list there are a lot of things that I would've missed. Stuff that has been there so long it's a part of the room. Kind of a can't see the forest for the trees situation.

So I cleaned and then consulted the list and then I continued cleaning and then consult the list and then I continued cleaning again and again until I completed all or nearly all of the tasks that I had set aside for myself.

My kitchen felt so good and so clean. Just being in it felt different.   So I moved on to the next room. This was a Saturday and on that Saturday I finished all the rooms in my house except my office/craft room. And the house felt wonderful my messes were the dining room, which is where I put all the stuff that I'm getting rid of, and that office.

So I began the office, which is a huge undertaking because I would say that about 75% of my possessions are in my craft room. It's ridiculous. But I scrapbook, I knit and I sew and have way too much of all of the paraphernalia required to complete these types of projects.   In that one room, I had four tables, 6 bookshelves and, of course, all of the stuff. And I proceeded to make a humongous and overwhelming mess. It has taken me a full week to finish. And at some point I lost track of the purging and basically just tried to get the place cleaned back up. I rearranged the furniture which was a big source of the mess. And all week it was hard to get things done because I was just saddened by the enormity of it all. 

So thankfully it's done. I will have to go back in ang purge after the fact but with less mess. I still have a shelf of miscellaneous paperwork to sort out and there's still all the stuff to get rid of in the dining room. But I feel so much better about my home environment. At least inside the house. The outside is still on the list.  

Update:  A few weeks has passed and it's nice not having so much clutter.  Now I have to work harder at keeping the house clean.  I'm still not very good at it.  But the mess is less, so that's nice and it doesn't take very long to straighten things up again.

I still have the purge stuff.  It's in the kitchen as I feared.  But it's hidden neatly behind the table where I can't see it.  Haha.  I still haven't purged the craft space.  I'm going to once I stop hiding from that task.  I promise.