“We do so much living in the course of 24 hours and so many little things happen that make us who we are, but when we look back, we barely recognize those moments. The big moments stand out, but those little ones, the ones that are constantly changing us, those are harder to remember...”
— Gina H.


If she were honest, (and really, why lie?) Shellie's real love for memory keeping was born from a love of stuff.  In every aspect of her life, not just crafting, she has a bit of an addiction to what she refers to as junk.  Not actual junk (okay, some of it is) but those little bits and pieces that people sell that are neat but you probably don't actually need...  those are her kryptonite.

In 2004, even though she had no previous experience, she decided she was going to make all of her Christmas cards.  So she started buying supplies.  And buying supplies.  And... you get the idea.  She did make about 12 cards that first year.  She bought enough supplies to make about 500 but that's entirely beside the point.

Christmas passed but the buying of the supplies didn't stop.   She didn't make cards but she bought the stickers and paper and blank cards and ribbon.  It was all about the stuff.  It wasn't that she didn't love actual scrapbooking.  She did.  But there was the tiniest flaw.  Photos.  She didn't have any.  Thus her idea of a solution was card making.  No photos necessary but you could still buy the stuff.

Eventually she banned herself from even entering the scrapbooking aisles at craft store and in 2006 she picked up a new hobby - knitting.  It was love.  And she started buying yarn instead. 

In 2013 two things happened that changed her world around.  The first one was that she and Gina reconnected after a few years of hit and miss communication.  The second was she discovered something called Project Life.  So she started exploring the scrapbooking world again and decided that in January 2014, she was going to give this Project Life thing a try.  She started actively taking photos in October of 2013 and did indeed start her first year of Project Life in 2014. 

But as usual things didn't stop there.  It was the stuff again.  The stamps and sequins (sequins now??) and all the cards.  Washi tapee?  What is this new fangled washi tape?  So many things had changed.  So much more stuff to buy.  An printables!!  You mean she could buy it digitally???  As a graphic designer this was a very interesting development.  So then there was the physical stuff AND the digital stuff.  But this time there were photos.

Gina, who was also a memory keeper (who ever would have guessed that?) only made the situation worse and it spread into mini albums and digital scrapbooking. 

After a few years of blogging randomly about her life and her knitting, she decided to start a dedicated blog just for her memory keeping activities.  In early 2015 remembereveryday.com was born.

In May 2015 Shellie and Gina were talking about their blogs. 

Shellie: You should come be with me on my blog.

Gina: I have been typing that and deleting it all day.  Haha.  That would be awesome.

And just like that it was a done deal. 

Recently she discovered that she wasn't the only person who wanted every single planner she stumbled across and feels so much less ashamed of this planner addiction she's been fighting and losing against for years. 

She was born and raised in Northwest Florida and at 22, moved to Orlando where she worked at the Walt Disney World Resort and at an advertising and marketing firm in the area.  After 12 years in Central Florida she returned to her home town to be near her family.

At her day job, Shellie is part administrative assistant, part graphic designer, part hey-can-you-help-me-with-this go to girl for an air pollution control company in the Pensacola area.

She just moved into a new place with her best pal and fur baby McGee.  She's looking forward to this new web site and the exciting things that she and Gina have planned for the future of remembereveryday.com.

Her other interests include knitting, sewing, reading and binge watching Netflix.  She also enjoys pinning things on Pinterest about knitting, sewing, memory keeping and just about everything else under the sun and thinks that Pinterest is possibly the best and worse thing ever invented.


             Gina and Shellie before a Justin Timberlake concert in 2006.

             Gina and Shellie before a Justin Timberlake concert in 2006.

         Shellie and Gina before a Justin Timberlake concert in 2013.

         Shellie and Gina before a Justin Timberlake concert in 2013.


The long story….

Gina’s foray into scrapbooking happened quite by accident.  In 2008, she started keeping a journal for each of her nieces and nephews.  In them, she included stories about the time they spent together, funny things that the niece or nephew said or did, tales that their parents shared with Gina about their daily lives and any thoughts Gina wanted to share with them.  She once got a set of Curious George stamps because she has a great love of all things primates.  She proceeded to stamp each image into each of the kids’ journals to share this part of herself with them.  The plan is to give the journals to them on their 18th birthday as a chronicle of their times together. 

On a random Saturday, Gina decided she would decorate the composition notebooks she used for these journals.  So she took her inaugural trip to Michaels.  You see, Gina has never been what one would call crafty.  Sure, she once did needlepoint on plastic canvas; and she used to cut articles about the Baltimore Orioles out of the newspaper and paste them on notebook paper and keep a record of the team’s season; and yes, she’s never thrown out a card, a note, a movie stub, a concert ticket, a show program, an awarded patch, but these items were kept in a huge bin she lovingly referred to as her “foot locker.” But to say that art class was one of her least favorite subjects in school would be a gross understatement, so Michaels was not a place she had ever visited.  When she arrived, talk about overwhelm.  There were odds and ends and doohickeys and baubles and trinkets and stickers galore.  Gina bought a bit of everything and did as she planned – the composition books were transformed into something a little more personal and a little bit more attractive.

What Gina never expected was the joy she had in cutting that paper and pasting it down; in figuring out just how to position those letter stickers; in deciding on what exact embellishment embodied the personality she was trying to capture for each of her adored children. 

Joining those memories together with all of the pretty elements that made those journals special started the scrapbooking and memory keeping journey for Gina and she hasn’t looked back since.

In 2012, after receiving so much inspiration from the crafting community on YouTube, Gina decided to share her own work with that audience.  Since then, over 2600 people have subscribed to her YouTube channel where she shares process videos showcasing how her layouts come together, how her overflowing craft room is organized, how she documents those everyday little moments in what she now refers to as her RED yearbook, and from time to time, she does the odd art journal page.

Gina enjoys sharing her creations through her videos; however, having a website to archive her creations and to, perhaps, share with the non-YouTube community has always been a goal.  Unfortunately, although she may have developed a love for memory keeping, she and website creation are still on the outs.  Thankfully, her good friend Shellie invited her to share at RememberEveryday.com and Gina couldn’t be more excited about this journey.

The girl who used to dread art class, much like most girls dreaded Physical Education, now thrives on having glitter in her hair, paint under her nails, adhesive on her fingers and the odd sticker stuck to some random place on her clothes.  If you’ve ever gone out of the house with a letter X pasted to your butt, then you’re definitely one of the scrapbooking tribe.

When Gina’s not in her scrap room, you can most likely find her in a town with a large medical center working with physicians, nurses, and hospital staff to discover new ways to treat and, hopefully, cure any number of diseases.  Gina works as a Clinical Research Associate for a large Clinical Research Organization (CRO).  The CRO manages drug and device trials for pharmaceutical companies.  Gina’s role is to ensure that all sites participating in the trial are performing their research activities under applicable federal and local law, to ensure the safety of the patients enrolled to the trials and to confirm that the data being reported to the FDA for possible approval of the drug is accurate.  The job, or real life, as Gina likes to call it, keeps her away from home 3 to 4 days a week. 

Home is a small town in Harford County, Maryland, where she lives with her husband, Stew.  They’ve been married since 2007 and here’s a secret…they met through Yahoo Personals.  It wasn’t love at first sight, mind you.  In fact, after the first date, Gina thought Stew was boring.  She has never been so happy to have been so wrong.  Encouraged by a close friend to give Stew another chance, she stood him up on their planned second date, but, as they say, the third time is the charm and they’ve been happily annoying each other ever since.

When not crafting, working, or aggravating Stew, you can usually find Gina curled on the couch with her Kindle or pursuing some of her other favorite activities which include:

  • Hanging out with the family (She needs photos to scrapbook, after all.)
  • Attending sporting events (Go Orioles, Steelers and Flyers – it’s a long story.)
  • Watching musicals on Broadway or at the local theater (Les Miz is a favorite.)
  • Going to the movies (Epic movie days!)
  • Traveling for fun (She’s really never home.)
  • Learning how to use her camera (Still on auto after all of these years)
  • Birding (The day is a failure if there are no Bald Eagles.)
  • Bowling (Not very well)
  • Hiking (Beware of creepy, crawly things.)
  • Biking (Just recently – the saying is true, you never forget how.)
  • Eating out (Did you say there was a new restaurant opening? Who’s the chef?)
  • Trying new recipes (Sometimes, you just have to order pizza instead.)
  • Attempting to be interested in exercise (I worked out today, what do you mean I have to do it again tomorrow?)
  • Snuggling with Stew on the couch watching tv (Her all-time favorite!)



I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.
— J.B. Priestley